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The coolest month of the year is coming up soon and whilst snuggling under a blanket for the entire time would sound like a lurking idea, we still have to get up and hit the days, don't we. The saying goes 'there cannot be bad weather only bad dressing for it'. Whilst the summer is lovely to spend in silks and light cotton, winter time can also be as enjoyable wearing wool and cashmere. Just imagine that feeling when you know it is socially acceptable to be wearing big junky sweaters and comfortable pants all day every day. It isn't too seldom that we have a set amount of items that we love to wear every season and we opt for them more often than the others. This in return leads to us asking ourselves if it's still socially acceptable to wear the same jumper today or pants, despite the fact you wore them the past two days as well?<

'Minimalism- Fashion- diversifying one item into 3 different styles' is to show you how you can wear your favourite items day in and out and yet make the outfit look completely different from the days before. The idea is to have one item that you translate and diversify into different dressing styles depending on the occasion. This way you will soon realise how much use you can get from just one item you have. I hope this will give you inspiration and ideas for different styles, whether your style is the relaxed one or strictly classy one, the ideas and concept shared below can be used. By the end of reading this post, I hope you will be looking forward to the cold month of February that is ahead of us.


The relaxed casual look:

For days when you don't feel like getting up from your bed and your blanket seem like the only thing that could keep you warm, opt for a relaxed casual look. These mornings I always keep it simple. I put the outfit together by a pair of woolen pants that feels like comfort clothing but in looks are classy. The rules are to be broken and that way trends can be born. Therefore do I combine the pants with a big snuggly woolen jumper with a high neck that keeps me warm through the day. Now as I already broken the golden rule of combining the same material in loose fit both up to and down to, I need to make sure the outfit is not coming across as wearing a tracksuit. So by adding low ankle boots with this outfit, the trick is done and as a whole, the outfit comes across as classy. Never forget a watch and some jewelry always brings an outfit alive as well.

The business casual:

Depending on your daily routines, a casual relaxed outfit might not be an option for you. However, the outfit has a good base and is extremely comfortable and easy worn. So rather than trapping yourself in the endless dilemma of what to wear, you can add on to the outfit in order to make it more business-like. I used the same base as for the relaxed casual look but added a vest to it. This immediately brought up the look to be more business appropriated one. You could even pop a blazer rather than a vest over the jumper and it will do the same trick. With small additions like these, you can transform an outfit from one style to another.

The classy blazer outfit:

Now you might be asking how can a pair of woolen pants ever make it to a more luxurious one? Well here's the secret to it. Taking one of the most elegant and timeless items out from your wardrobe, the black blazer, and combining it with the pants will do the trick. To translate that luxurious feeling of the outfit a pair of boots will fit amazingly in and by keeping it all simple and to the basics, an all-black outfit often comes across as elegant. The cami worn under the blazer has a chest decor of lace and brings some additional class to the outfit. The core trick with luxurious outfits really lays on the simplicity and the classy items.


... diversifying an item into 3 clothing styles lays in the occasion needed to be dressed up for.

... small additives to an outfit such as blazer, west or jewelry can transform a style into another one.

... simplicity is the key and as the cold months are upon us rather sooner than later the heavy materials can be brought out to be worn daily.