Don't we all pack our days full of activities, running in and out between places. Coming home for a quick change after a long day of duties before the evening takes us to the next destination. When thinking about it really, it isn't that surprising when we slow down for a minute or two one evening and look around our apartment, only to realise the mess we've made is real. Clothes all over the floor, dishes all over the room and let's not even start with how the floor looks like, dusty and what not. I mean we were busy right, who takes their shoes off when they are just to grab something quickly and then head out the front door again right?

If you can't identify yourself in the above section, congratulations you're having full control of your life keep on going! But if you are like me and have this situation every so often, let's solve it in an easy and quick way.

So where do we start? Well, the cleaning cupboard where the cleaning stuff is would be a good place to start off from. But hang on a second, it is overstuffed with chemicals mops and sponges... so suddenly the whole cleaning process feels like it can wait for a few more days no? Or we can just grab the problem then and there and act on what you really need, a good clean out in general!


As I have been hopping countries, literally living in my suitcase the past one year, the following cleaning regime has covered my ass so many times. I wanted to share it with you now to ease and motivate you to get the house clean and fresh again. I am all about simple and fast and that is exactly how the cleaning needs to be as well. The best part is that it's even adaptable to be carried out in a sustainable and environment friendly way. So what is it all about then?

Mopping- well flying countries in and out doesn't really make it easy to carry a mop with you and buying a new one at every destination... hello no that's wasteful! So back to the old good day's then. Mopping with a cloth and bare hands... or you can do it as I and slide through the floors on top of a cleaning cloth. Kind of like 'clean skating'.

Cleaning cloth- When checking the shops they subconsciously let us know that there is a cleaning cloth for everything, one for the floor, for the desk, for the shelf, and for the mirror and for the windows, the list goes on. But really you need only one that you multi-use. For the heavier stains that just doesn't seem to take off, get some scourer pads. I came across jute pads just recently but can't say much about them just yet. I am still to get my hands on one, but they would be a way more sustainable option to opt for as Jute is a natural fiber and biodegradable.

Cleaning chemical- As the cleaning cloths, you will find one million different ones of these in the shop and all for different purposes. But again, one multi-use one is all you need. The reason we use detergent in the first place is to kill bacteria. Honestly, if vinegar also kills bacteria then any multi-use detergent will do the trick as well. Now for the more sustainable tip here, make your own detergent and that way you can be sure any unwanted chemicals are not entering your home but your home will still be clean and fresh.

With these 3 items, multi-use cleaning cloth, chemical and a scourer pad, you will make due of a clean, fresh and bacteria-free home. Take it from someone that has put the theory to test for a good year now. It works and when choosing the more sustainable options you can even take the equipment with you as you take off as these are often washable in machine.


... minimizing your cleaning equipment might seem impossible as we subconsciously are let to understand we need loads to make due, but don't get fooled by this as we only want to kill bacteria that even organic vinegar does.

... a sustainable detergent can be home-made and made in the amount needed.

... a cleaning routine such as described above can be done in a very short time and doesn't take up storage space in your cupboard.