How to make it look tailored and fitted

A new project at its start, this one has its inspiration originating from Chanel. I find the brand highly elegant and inspiring with all their designs. All the fine cuts and defining seems really brings the elegance to its very top. However the cuts, seems and pattern is nothing without the fabric. The fabric is the one that is commonly something I react on. For this project I found this beautiful baby blue fabric, resembling the well known fabric that Channel blazers are known for. I went ahead  with the blazer idea, with the pattern of a short one with cuts and seems to really show off the fabric.

Fabric details:
The fabric consists of: Wool, Silk, Polyester and Flax.
Wash instructions: Only dry cleaning
Fabric care: The fabric can be ironed with with middle heat.
Feeling/hand: The hand of the fabric is soft, non itchy, light and falls smoothly down along the body, does not wrinkle, has small holes and therefore, it breaths well.

Before getting started with the sewing, the ground work has to take place. Cutting the fabric is the starting point. Once I cut the fabric, it appeared that the edges were coming apart. Without ordinary machines, I still wanted to make sure the edges would not come apart too much. That way I would ensure a classy finish. This all was ensured by running through the edges of the fabric with sick sack stitches.

I always start my sewing with a thread well seen on the fabric and long stitches. With this technique I map out where I want the seem to be and create, a so said, mock piece before I run it over with the real unseen stitches.

Once the ground work is done, I can do the fitting of the blazer and make small adjustments to make it fit perfectly. By the end, I tailor the actual blazer to the finest detail and start the inner lining. I have the measurements of all seems, and so they can be mimicked onto the lining now. Once all this is done, it is only down to the finishing work to have the blazer ready to ve worn.

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"