Getting on board with a more conscious consuming lifestyle is a journey that takes time. It isn't meant to happen over the night, why should it? The time spent on changing a lifestyle should take a while as to build an understanding of the whys and hows of your yourself impact to the surrounding and choices. A few weeks back now, I challenged myself into new thinking and creative solutions in terms of dressing and styling. I did the 10 to 10 challenge that you can read about in a previous post when desired to know the specific's of it. Find the post here. As a result of doing this project and challenge I started to look into styling with a whole new approach and understanding. I started to feel more comfortable in using less and got a new look of consumption. The challenge really impacts on the time consumed in the mornings thinking and planing an outfit as well as opens doors to viewing details to a well finished look. In this post you can read about my experience of the challenge and how I got on about with it, all the highs and lows and what to think about, what worked what didn't and how to manage the challenge for the first time around.

As a whole I do see this as a great way to get to the next level of your minimalist journey and it comes with a fare charge of challenging yourself, not only fashion wise but also in terms of knowing your style and knowing yourself what works the best for you and how you wish to present yourself as. I'd recommend anybody that is into minimalism and sustainable living to try out the challenge as to develop your style as well as to get new inspiration and perspective of things fashion and styling related.


When it came to start the challenge, I have to say, as a beginner, I had to start it twice before managing the concept. I woke up one morning looked on the clothes and got dressed. It wasn't until later on the same day that I realised that I was wearing something out of my 10 days selection and automatically this meant that I had to go back to day one of the challenge. Sure it was a bit of a hustle as I already had planned the starting and ending dates of the challenge. However, I was determined to get it right and do it 10 days with 10 styles. I didn't want to let me off the hook but rather prove to myself I could do it and stick to a choice for a time as short as 10 days.

Naturally we all do mistakes, it's called humanity. However what we take with us from these mistakes is more relevant. So the second time around for the project I decided to clear out a shelf in my wardrobe to place the 10 items that I'd be using for the upcoming 10 days on. Everything else had to be placed away on other shelves in the wardrobe. By doing this I saw the difference, I didn't have to think in the morning whether I had included the item, I was to wear, into my 10 days or not. I simply chose the once available right in front of me and made a play with them. I would strongly advice anybody new to the challenge to clear out and separate the chosen 10 items from the others, it saves time and prevents mistakes from happening.

So once I was on the second go of my challenge attempt, I now found myself in a lack of inspiration. I mean, I had already been using the items for a few days and now I would be using them again for a further 10 days. I felt trapped and unmotivated the least said. But, the northern stubborn attitude I have, I was not to give up and prove myself wrong. As reflecting on it later on, I could of made a new selection of 10 items and this way really have a fresh start to it but I din't do this which also turned out to be good in the end. So how did I get myself on board on the new start then? To be fare, I did something as easy as went on mood boarding. You might wonder what this really means? So what I did was I went on to my pinterest and looked at posts with similar clothing that I had chosen. I looked at the styling and made albums online of these. I also lied down the clothing available in front of me and started playing around with them to see what combinations would work and for what mood and what wouldn't. Slowly but surely I had come up with new outfits that made me excited again to be doing the challenge and along the way I had made several mood boards to keep me on track of inspiration and determination for the days that lack so.


Signature style- After having my selection of 10 items separated from my other clothing and have made a base of mood-boards, I realised I do have a type of dressing, some of you might call it a signature style. This for me would be any kind of knit wear to start with. I opt for knits more than I like to believe myself, especially the big chunky once that one can just snuggle into over the winter. I mostly go for the once with a high neck as well more often than the once with various low cuts. As in terms of the bottom part, I saw a clear pattern there as well. All pants I had decided to wear, were dressy pants. No jeans were included. Out of the pants chosen the materials varied a bit but the majority again, were a kind of jearsy, so knitted soft and stretch allowing. Defining and realising my signature style came along with the challenge really. The reason I see this as a huge relief for myself, is due to when shopping these days, I know for a fact if the item I feel so found of whilst shopping, actually will be work for me or not. I now a days tend to require a minimum of 5 different outfits possible to wear an item with before I accept to buy it. This is surely something that has come along with the progress of minimalism and sustainable living I am working towards and affects the consumption made as well.

Jewellery in addition- I have not always been big on wearing jewellery. Whenever used they always seemed to take off after a while and I was left with a zero collection at hand. Partly this was due to the fact that the jewellery used weren't out of importance to me. I din't see their need and therefore they easily got misplaced along the way, as I simply did not think of the reason they were with me. Now, along with the 10 to 10 challenge this has changed as well due to the fact that I realised how much I can do and add on to an outfit to look more precise and valuable with them. With regards to my previous habits with such add on's, I keep it simple and not go overboard with the jewellery in order to prevent loosing them of course. With a few interesting pieces added, such as a statement ring or a great pair of earrings, you really do start to make a look stand out in day light. I now find myself enjoying to play around with these but have found a standard set that I opt for on a daily basis as well. This would include a cuff or two for the ears and a statement ring for the hand.

Weather forecast- We are all focused on what weather it is, what i t was and what it will be. Why not put this interest into play and act upon it? So as a person that has a tendency of getting cold during a warmer day even, I started to look into the weather forecast, not as what it would be but what it felt like at the time. So when it said 8 degrees Celsius it most commonly felt like only 4 degrees'. This way I could then go on and dress accordingly, layer up and down as appropriate. This is such a basic thing to do but we mostly do it subconsciously and therefore do we not think of it but end up wondering how the weather forecast always 'fools' us or seem to be misleading. By layering you can suddenly make a whole range of outfits rather than just one single one, which in return makes the creativity in one play and act.


... The 10 to 10 challenge brought on a fare amount of challenge but in return it defined my personal style, it brought up new meaning to bad habits that turned into new once and had new perspectives born.

... You start developing skills, such as making mood boards, that can be used later on as well for inspiration and reflection.

... Makes one think of the consumption made and done and has one thinking twice before a decision of consuming is made.