6th December : touch down in Bangkok.

Stepping out of the airport we were hit with not only the heat but the instant craziness and feel of this city. Our first stay was in an amaaazing hotel called ‘Ad Lib’ (a bit too nice for a back packer experience but we were easing ourselves in gently) that had arranged airport pick up and took us straight to our hotel. As the airport is around half an hour from the city centre we payed around 1,400 baht which is around £30 for a private taxi. We later discovered that for Thailand this was waaay to much to pay for a taxi that the only difference to a regular taxi was a complementary bottle of water. However, to avoid being charged more there are always taxi’s around that are available from the airport to get you where you want to go.

Our first day in Bangkok was spent starting off having an amazing breakfast at our hotel until we ventured out into the city. We took a taxi too the Grand Palace and looked around all of the temples inside. There is an entry fee of around 40 baht and girls must cover both shoulders and knees, there are usually always skirts and scarves there to rent if you happen to forget. We then wandered more around the city into the many shopping centres and to where we had our first Thai dish (just fried rice so not that exciting). For two mains and drinks it cost us around £8 which we were pretty gob-smacked at because it was amazing food.

We were only able to spend really one full day in Bangkok as we were getting the train to Chiang Mai in the morning, but you could definitely spend longer here. Other people we met we’re staying as long as a week, as it’s a massive city there is a lot to see and do.

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