Merry Christmas everyone!

Today is December 25, the day we/you celebrate christmas in the US. In Sweden we celebrate it December 24, so this was new.

I know I have not updated for a long time, for about two months. The major things that have happened since then is Thanksgiving and Winter's Formal. Im not going to really write anything about Thanksgiving, since it was so long ago. But it was a really fun holiday, that I think that the rest of the world should celebrate as well. Its about being thankfull for what you have, being with family and friends, and having a delicious meal.

Thanksgiving dinner table and deserts. First time I had pumpkin pie, I loved it!

The day after thanksgiving (Thursday), is know as Black Friday! Its a day when all of the stores have huge sales, and of course I went shopping ;)

Me and Lauren's gingerbread houses! I made the snowman to the right out of marshmallows, frosting sprinkles and chocolate. I just thought it was sooooo cute.

A few of the light down at temple square. They all looks incredeble beautiful!

Me and my date on our way to Winter's formal! Its the third dance so far. Its a winter themed dance, and it remindes me a lot of homecoming. It was really fun, I love all of the dances here!

A cathedral down in Salt Lake. We went there last night.

Christmas breakfast. We had crepes and berries, it was sooooo good! We had it all together, after we talked with Ben (one of the sons, who is on a mission in Peru).

After breakfast we ran through a "door" of paper. Thats their family tradition, it was fun!

The first REAL snow came on christmas morning, HAPPY!

Our christmas three, and were we opened our presents.

My presents from my wonderful american family! <3

After we opened presents, me and my sibling went out on a walk in the snow with the dogs. It was so fun to see them happily jump around in the snow.

Later we are going to have dinner and after that we will go to a movie (In to the woods).

This is one of the best christmases I have ever had, and the most different one! I would not mind doing it again ;)

I wish you all a merry christmas!

Love Jonna

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I know that a week has past since Halloween, but I have not had time to update until now (homework and other stuff got in the way...). Now its finally weekend, and that means that I have time to update, so here it comes!

Friday - The 31st of October, also know as Halloween. I just have to start with saying that Halloween is way much bigger in US than back in Sweden, I love it!

Me, Mer, Clara and a friend of hers (Rachel) went to Herriman to "celebrate" Halloween. During the day we got ready together, and of course we dressed up in different "costumes". I was a princess, Mer was dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter, Clara was a gypsy and Rachel was a cat. We left Holladay (were I live) around 5pm and was in Herriman around 6pm, so yeah, it's pretty far away. The reason we went there, is because we didn't really know what to do for Halloween, so my Italian friend invited us to join him (he is the one that live with my and Mer's IEC). When we got there did we eat and mingle at a friend of my IEC's house. We also met up with my Norwegian friend, so there was six of us. Then we went outside and rode a Limousine!! That was pretty awesome. I have to confess, I kind of looked like a prom queen in my dress and crown in the back of a Limousine. 

Since it was Halloween and we were in the great America, we just had to go 'Trick or Treat'(ing), cause you are never to old to do these kind of things when you are an exchange student! We went around in the neighbourhood for an hour (or more), and then we went back to the Italian guys house and socialised.  It was amazing to walk around there, cause there were a lot of people that truly went full out with their decorations! I don't have to many pictures though, cause it was dark.  

Me, when we got ready, and before I had my crown. And yes, I bought my crown on our way to Herriman, cause I decided what to be, the same day...

Me with my crown, and some fake blood on my cheek (this picture is taken when I got back home).

Me (princess), Clara (gypsy) and Mer (Hermione), with some pretty pumpkins. 

Me, Giacomo (Italian guy), Ola (Norwegian guy, dressed as a missionary), Mer, and Clara. This picture was taken inside someones house, and take my word for it, it was amazingly decorated!


All six of us, and a (real) hanging man, it was an actual person inside of that costume (alive of course). The garden connected to the house that the man is hanging in front, had like a cemetery them, it was awesome, its too bad I don't have any pictures of it. 

Vegetable skeleton, made by Lauren.

This was the best Halloween yet!!

This week has been kind of slow, and not really much to update on... The only day I did something out of the ordinary was Wednesday.

Wednesday - My second debate tournament! This time did I compete in SPAR (Spontaneous Argument, at least is that what I think it means). I really liked that form of debate. When you compete in SPAR, you go against one other person and you debate on a silly topic, like "Goldilocks should have been arrested for trespassing" and similar topics like that! It was really fun, and the people that were there were really nice. I'm pretty sure that I will do SPAR next time I compete in debate as well. 




I just want to start by saying that I have had an amazing couple of days!

Thursday - I turned 17!! The day begun with homemade crepes that my host mom had made. Then it was school, kind of same old same old, but at least I got no homework (which is quite amazing for being the US). Then when I got home did I Skype with my Swedish Family (all of them! Including my Angel). After that studied I for bit and just chilled at this beautiful house. We had dinner, and after dinner did me and my host mom go to a chocolate tasting thing, "Introduction to Fine Chocolate". So I spent 2 and a half hour tasting different dark exclusive chocolates, and listening to a lot of interesting fact about it, how its made, what makes it good, and so on. My favourite one was made i Italy and the cocoa beans were from Venezuela, it is called "Amedei Chuao".  

My thoughts about the different chocolates. It goes from top to bottom, number one is the one in the top.

Friday - After school went I and most of my family to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins. It was huge, and had a lot of different pumpkins (even though at least two thirds had already been bought). It had pumpkins in all different sizes, and a lot of different colours, as orange, light pink, white and green. We got a big (or normal size) pumpkin for everyone in the family, we picked our own. We also got five small ones, they were so cute!

The field with pumpkins.

More pumpkins. 

A small "scare" and cute pumpkin. I really like the curly ending and the black on it.

A "Cinderella" pumpkin! I love it ūüėć

To celebrate my birthday a bit more, and with the entire family, did we go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I know, it does not sound like a place you would have dinner, but they had a big and great menu of different things you could chose from. All from pizza and pasta, to salads, to steaks and fish. I had a steak with french-fries. To that I got ketchup, I'm pretty sure that that only happens in America, cause I have never been served ketchup to a steak, I really hope that it was meant for the fries only. As a desert I had a lemon cheesecake with melted marshmallows on. It was delicious! After dinner went we to the cinema. We saw "Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day". It was really fun and over expectations! I would truly recommend it. Then we went back to the house were Sara had made a lemon cake for me and also bought a "Princess cake". That is one of the sweetest things every, since its the most popular cake in Sweden, and she had bought especially for that. I'm truly lucky and grateful for have gotten such a good host family! They had also bought me a gift, a pretty pink lipstick and a beautiful purple scarf. 

My dinner.

The cheesecake

Cheesecake ūüėć

My beautiful cake.

The princess cake (or "prince cake", since its pink).

Saturday - In the morning did I and Dayane dance Zumba together, it was way fun. At 3pm went I, Sara, Dayane and Mer (my spanish exchange student friend) to see my schools play, Cinderella. The play was amazing! It was truly good. They even had a dress that changed from the maid dress, to the gown dress, ON STAGE. The music and acting was awesome, I would truly have recommended it.

At 6.22 did I and Mer go on the train that was going to take us to Lehi. The reason why we went to Lehi was because EF was gathering exchange students to go to Haunted Forest together. It was me, Mer, and four other exchange students, one from Italy, one from Norway and two from Denmark. I had met the Italian and Norwegian guys before, at the Yellowstone trip, so it was really fun the see them again! The girl and guy from Denmark have I not met before (or maybe at the welcome picnic, not sure...), but it was nice to meet some new people. We had some pizza and candy, and socialised. A bit later did all six of us exchange students and Lindsey (my IEC) drive to the Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest is like a haunted house, but outside. It is not real, it is made by humans and the scary things are made by humans. It was soooo fun! I'm truly happy that I went. At 11.16pm did me, Mer and the danish girl go on the train that would take us home. 

Sunday - I did not do much today... The most exciting and fun thing I did was to carve pumpkins, and that was fun and the highlight of my day. I did mine the "classical way".

My pumpkin.

My pumpkin glowing in the dark.

But now its time for bed, cause tomorrow is a new week, with new exciting things to do.

Good night :*



This week did I have Thursday and Friday of, cause of "Fall Break". I really miss having my week long fall break, as I do back in Sweden, but I guess two days of is better than nothing. During Thursday didn't I really do anything. I caught up on some sleep, studied and later on that evening did I try on Zumba on the TV (I followed the people at the TV and tried to do the same thing, did not look to beautiful at all times hahaha. I have thought about trying those Zumba dvd for quite some time now, but I never had the time or energy. My host mom though that I needed to do something else then to just sit around all day (cause otherwise would I not be able to sleep), so she suggested to try the Zumba dvd, so I did. It was really fun! I will hopefully do that again soon. Also, I lied in my last blog post, I did not see The Vampire Diaries this Wednesday, cause it is showing at Thursdays... Which I realised when I turned the TV on, but I saw it this Thursday, so I have seen it now. It was soooo good, I can't wait until the next episode comes out! 

During Friday did my host mom take me out to this little cute boutique, were I had lunch, a prosciutto sandwich, it was delicious! We also bought some chocolate, she picked a dark coconut (something more) chocolate, and I picked a white strawberry rose chocolate, they both were really good. I LOVE chocolate. We also walked around in some other adorable boutiques and saw some really cute halloween decorations. After that we went home and I continued my studying. During the evening did we go to "The Best of Me", the new Nicholas Sparks movie. I have wanted to see that movie since I first saw the trailer for it and the realised it October 17, so the same day we saw it. I read the book this winter, and I really liked it, but on the other hand, you can never go wrong with Nicholas Sparks, he is an amazing author. The movie was quite similar to the book. I still liked the book better, but that is always how it is. But I LOVED the movie, so I would truly recommend to see it. 

Today Saturday was my most busy day during my "Fall Break". Yesterday did I decide that I needed to get out of the house and actually do something, so I texted my German friend, whom I meet at the Yellowstone trip, and we decide that we should meet up at City Creek (an outside mall) today. So we met up down town at City Creek this (morning) at 10am. My host dad gave me a ride there in his Porsche. That was the first time I have ever sat in such an amazing, beautiful and lovely car. I love those kinds of cars and his Porsche is beautiful and it was so fun to ride it. You truly feel like your in a game (like Need For Speed, my favourite game). 

The first store that me and Annika (my German friend) went to was Forever 21, one of my new favourite stores, cause they have so beautiful cloths and they are not expensive. I think that we might have spent about 2 hours there, or so. It was a huge store, and there were so many lovely cloths to look at and try on. I ended up buying some nice cloths and jewellery. After that did we go to eat cause we were really hungry by then. Then we continued our shopping. We went into a bunch of different stores, including a Disney Store, it was so fun to go into, you are never to old for Disney. We also went into H&M. Believe it or not, but they do have better cloths in the American one, than the Swedish one... They also have a bunch of Halloween cloths in the American one, and I have never seen that in the Swedish one. It is really strange that H&M, that's a Swedish store have better things in the store here in the US than back in Sweden, but I'm not complaining, cause I'm here! After that did we go into American Eagle, and they have so pretty cloths there! Its too bad that most of them are kind of expensive... But I found a really cute knitted sweater there on sale, so I bought it. I really need more warm cloths by now, cause it's starting to get colder, not as cold as Sweden but colder. You can still walk around in a sweater here, so that is really nice. After that did we mostly good around in random stores, including a tea store that gave out examples of herbal tea, and believe it or not, but it actually tasted good, I was really surprised, cause I don't usually like tea at all. After that(around 4.30pm) did Annika need to catch the tracks (trains up on the ground), so that she would not miss her train back home. Meanwhile I waited for my host mom to pick me up I just walked around a bit on my own. 


A sweater that we found at H&M, it was kind of funny, cause my home town capital is Stockholm, and hers is Berlin.

A fountain (if I remember correctly) that shows the time, and one of the many beautiful bridges around City Creek.

The view from one of the bridges. Pretty fall colours.

A cute stream at City Creek. There were plenty of these beautiful things all around the mall.

All of the things I bought today. All of the things except for the leopard pants and "hair donut" that I bought at H&M, and the white and grey sweater that I bought at American Eagle, did I buy at Forever 21.

At my way home, me and my host mom went by Whole Foods, thats a grocery store and bought some food, then we went home and had dinner. After dinner did me and Dayane (my host brothers wife) watch a movie down at the TV. We watched Nanny Mcphee. She had not seen it before, and had not seen it since it was at the movie theatre (so since 2006...), so it was really fun and entertaining to see it again. That movie is truly to recommend. 

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I will most likely study some more, and I don't know what else. During the evening will all of us (me and almost everyone in my host family) have dinner at Grandma Sally, so that will be fun. I have not seen her since like my second week here, so it will be really fun to see her again. 

But now it is time for bed, or I'll be really tired tomorrow...

Good Night




For about two weeks ago were we given an assignment in school called "Swap a Heart". The instructions said to write an one page essay about your self, something unique or fun about our self. Then you were suppose to express this thing about your self on a swap a heart t-shirt. Then turn these to things and a picture of yourself to the teacher, about a week ago.

My t-shirt. I love traveling, and therefor the world map, the red dots are where I have been. The two pink paws represent my beloved Angel. The quote on the t-shirt says "Wherever you go, go with all your heart.". I really love that quote, and it represent me and my mind very well. 

Yesterday did we have the Swap a Heart assembly, were all of the t-shirts were spread out on the chairs in the auditorium, one t-shirt per chair. Then the students took a random seat and therefor got someone else t-shirt, their essay and picture. The t-shirt I got was truly amazing and beautiful!

At the assembly, when everyone is leaving with their new t-shirts.

Few of the unfortunate t-shirts that were left behind :'( 

During lunch that day, we got free cake from the school, cause our girls tennis team had won some big cup (don't remember what cup though...), so we celebrated it with cake. It was a chocolate cake with frosting, it was delicious!  

The cake, and yes, it was a big portion ūüėć And the original cakes were huge (or very big)!

Later on that evening I did my first "food" on my own, gluten free (Brazilian) pancakes. 

They look very ugly and did not really taste like pancakes... But they were really good anyways. And I'm proud of them, cause I made them all on my own!

Today were the "wear you Swap a Heart t-shirt" day. So everyone were suppose to wear the t-shirts they got yesterday. I'm a bit surprised, cause most people actually wore their t-shirts.   

This is me in the t-shirt I got, made by Sky Lowe, Junior (we are in the same math class). And yes, i know, it looks AMAZING!  I could not have gotten a more awesome and beautiful one. 

After school, did me and my host-mom go to "Great Harvest" a bread store, that is said to have amazing bread. This was the first time since I got here that we bought non gluten free bread (bread with gluten), I will try it tomorrow for breakfast and tell you if its as good as its said to be. In the store/little bakery, there were a bunch of halloween themes breads. Like this ūüĎá cute spider bread:

For this evening don't I really have any plans, I will most likely study a bit, and in half an hour will I watch the new episode of The Vampire Diaries! For once in my life will I actually watch the series on the "real" TV time and at the "real" channel. 

Tomorrow and on Friday do I have Fall Break, and yes, it is only two days... and not a week, as in Sweden, but two days is better than nothing.

- Jonna



These couple of last days have been FUN and exciting. 

Saturday - In the morning (10.30pm) did I go to school to do my tech hours for my theatre class. Theses tech hours were way better than "normal" tech hours, such as painting the set, clean costume closet and so on. I did my tech hours at  "Princess Party". This years theatre production is Cinderella. As a fundraiser did my school do a princess party, were 440 little kids (the age between 3 and 8 years old) dressed as princesses attended, dressed as princesses, to watch this princess show that my school put on. They were also served cupcakes with pink frosting and pink lemonade and were given cinderella colouring papers to draw on. My "job" was to sit at the end of one of the tables and look over it, clean up if something were spilled, help finding the kids parents if needed, and overall look after them. It was so fun to see the show the "real princesses" and to see the happy kids when they saw the it.  

My table, before the little princesses came.

The chairs under the "O" where were the "real" princesses sat, and also had the performance.

After that did I go home with one of my friends Jo. We were there for a bit, got ready and then we went downtown to take the FrontRunner (a type of train above the ground), to go to Lagoon. Lagoon is amusement park in Salt Lake. I love it! I had so much fun! Lagoon is way bigger than "Gr√∂na Lund" in Stockholm and way more fun. It was even more awesome, cause the entire park was decorated with Halloween things, it looked so amazing. It even had dressed up halloween/scary people walk around the park. They had several roller coasters and other fun things. My favourite part was the american version of Gr√∂na Lunds (Stockholm's tivoli) Extreme. Cause Extreme was one of my favourite attractions and for two years ago did they take it down, and now I got to ride a similar one again, so fun! They also had several haunted houses at the park. We stop in the line for one in over an hour (think it was like 1 and a half hour) to go in and when we almost were there did we have to leave the line, cause we had to catch the train home... But it was fun just to hang out with Jo, so it was okay. I had an amazing day! 

"Extreme", it has another real name, just can't remember what it is hahah

Me and one of the Zombies.

Me and Prince Charming.

Sunday - In the morning did I skype with my family. Then around 11pm did I go shopping with my friend Mer, who is an exchange student from Spain. We were looking for things for Monster Mash, the Halloween dance at Skyline High School, with Skyline and Olympus High together. Unfortunately we were not able to find what we needed for our costume... But I bought a cute top and super beautiful earrings, so I was happy anyway. 

We also went buy the gigantic supermarket Costco, were we tried a bunch of different samples (favorite thing to do in food stores hahah). It was me, Mer, her host-dad and her three host-siblings that went to Costco. At one of the samples stands an older woman asked if Mer's host-siblings were my kids... And said that we all was so beautiful with our natural blond hair (all of the kids are as blond as me). The oldest kid is 10 years old! I'm only six years older than her. If I were to be her mother, that would make me at least 26 years old, or so. That was truly insulting...

When I got home from my day of shopping, my host parents had gotten home from their two and a half week in Italy. It was so fun and nice to see them again! And NO, I did not live only with my host sister (that's the same age), for that period. We (me and Lauren) had my older host-brother (who is around 25) and his wife as "legal guardians", while my host parents were gone. I had a great time with them! My host parents brought a bunch of chocolate back from Italy and also a small bag each for all of their "daughters". The bag was really pretty, and the chocolate was delicious! We also got to hear about their wonderful trip. I truly hope that I will go to Italy someday, it seems like an amazing place!

Monday - The day begun with school... B day, so not to fun... But after school, did me and my entire family go to The Natural History Museum of Utah. It was really amazing to see! If I remember correctly, all of the things at the museum was found in Utah, so that is even more amazing. I'm not really in to museums that much, maybe cause I've been to pretty much all of the big once in Sweden several times, so it is not to much to see. But this museum was all new to me. It also had a bunch of stuff you can touch and "play" with, like parts of a vase, that you were suppose to pice together as a puzzle.  

In the beginning of the museum.

Thats all for now.





I know that it has been over a week since October the second, but I have not had time to write until now. I have had a ton on homework since I came back from the amazing Yellowstone Trip. 

October 2nd: The day started early at 8.30 in the morning when me and Lauren left the house to go to the meeting point were my IEC (International Exchange Cordinator) and a few of the other exchange students would pick me up. After that we went to pick up two other exchange students further up north, and that was our last stop in Utah. The last place we picked up an exchange student were in Idaho. He was the cousin of my IEC's host son, so thats he was on the trip even though he doesn't live in Utah (near Salt Lake), like the others, but the more the merrier! We were exchange students from Sweden (me), Norway, Denmark, two from Germany, two from Thailand and three from Italy, so in total 10 exchange students, six guys and 4 girls.

In Idaho did we go to "Bear World", which was a drive through safari alike thing, but with bears, wolfs, buffalos and elk (maybe some more animals as well). Then you could also pet small goats (I think) and watch kid bears up close, they were so adorable! At the same place there were also a really small amusement park with four or five rides for kids, but since we are exchange students we try everything ;) So it was just fun to see while all of these seventeen year old teenagers (us) tried all of the rides hahah 

After that did we continue our trip to Yellowstone, Montana.

The Elk (or Moose?)



More Bears 

Me hugging the Bear outside of Bear World

All of the exchange students hugging the bear!

Child bears

One more child bear


Such an adorable little bear! 

Me and the small goats(?)

Unique chicken

One more

At the attraction


There were more of them!

Even more!!

That was the main thing we did that day. Later on we arrived at the hotel in Montana. We had dinner at a buffalo place in the cute little town in the middle of nowhere.  

At the food place. Had a good, but strange salad. It was a chicken salad, by it contained caramelised nuts... America, nothing can ever be just healthy hahah

After that did we go back to the Hotel, played some fun games, and did eventually go to sleep. 

October 3rd: This day did we actually go to YELLOWSTONE. It was amazing and so fun to see. 

Smoke from the gazer.

The actual water coming out of the gazer! Amazing to see! 

Me in front of the gazer.


Water thing with blue water, just beautiful.

Yellow Stone ;)

More BLUE water

This was one of the worst things I have done in my life! I'm soooo afraid of heights... It was a beautiful river in the end, but I will NEVER do it again.

Group picture at the end of the hike. 

After that did we go back to our hotel and went out to have dinner at this super cute dinner (fifties style). After that we went back to the hotel, no games this time, cause everyone was sooo tired. So me and the girls socialised and talk for a bit in our hotel room before we went to sleep. 

October 4th: That day did we star our journey towards Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To go there we went through Yellowstone and saw some more gazers and boiling mud.

A beautiful waterfall we saw.

Me in front of some gorgeous mountains (at least from were I'm standing)


 Group picture in front of the mountains. All exchange students and my IEC's son. From left to right, Thailand, Italy, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Germany, Norway, Thailand and Denmark.

Once we arrived in the little old fashioned town Jackson Hole, we were given about an hour to just walk around in the little town, looks in some shops, enjoy the air, and freedom of actually walking, and not being stuck in a car ;) 

We had dinner at Bubba's BBQ, and I had a chicken burger, it was good, the chicken was a bit dry though. After that did we walk back to the hotel. We (all of us) hung out in the guy room, talked, laughed, listened to music, played games (Uno), and had overall fun! Then it was time to sleep, cause I new and last day awaited us tomorrow. 

October 5th: This was our last day together at our Yellowstone trip :( 

But we had soooo fun that day. We went to a place were they took old times pictures. We all dressed up in old "Western Cloths". The girls had dresses with corsets (I do not understand how they were able to breath back then...!), except for one girl who dressed up as Pocahontas. The guys dressed up as cowboys and rich western men, except for one guy, who was dressed as an Indian. Then we all took pictures together, it was one of the most fun things I've done here in the US.  

Group picture with all of us, "serious faces"

German girl, Italian guy and me.

Then we all went out to have dinner together at a sport bar'ich place, our last meal together, I had a great Caesar Salad. One of the Italian guys host family joined us at lunch. After that we begun or five hour (or more), long trip back home. Unfortunately the Italian guy went home with his host family, so there were one less of us on the way home :( 

But we still had a great and fun time in the car!

I got back home around 9.30 pm, super tired and already missing my new and amazing international friends.

That was my amazing weekend! And now its time for a new one, not as amazing as the last one, but its still nice with a weekend.

But now I need to go back to my studying, before I can have a nice friday evening and night (even though I'm not sure what to do yet...).

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!




Today was my first debate tournament! 

It was one of the most scary things that I have done in my entire life. I competed in Public Form. In public form you have a partner and you are given an resolution. With that resolution you are going to write on AFF case and one NEG case. The given resolution for October is: 

Resolved: On balance, public subsidies for professional athletic organisations in the United States benefits their local communities.

I did not like this resolution, and neither did my partner, it was hard to find evidence and also a very boring subject. But it is what it is. So I wrote a four minute NEG speech, and my partner wrote the AFF case. What determents if you are AFF or NEG is a coin toss, the one that wins decide wether they want to go first or second, OR if the want to be AFF or NEG. 

During the tournament we did 3 rounds of Debate. First - AFF, Second - NEG, and Third - AFF. I''m pretty sure that we lost the first one, cause our opponents had a bullet proof case, and talked to fast, so either me or my partner were able to follow and understand what they were actually saying, and then its kind of hard to follow.... But the second round went better, we had a stronger NEG case, and more proof to back it up. Not sure if we won that or not. Our third case went the best! I'm pretty sure that we won that. We had the AFF case once again, but now, after listing to the others proof and points, we now had more and better information to use, to back up our case ;) We were also (for the first time!) able to argue against the opponents arguments. And we were so good that we made one in the other team mad... That was quite interesting to see, so if you ever compete in the debate, KEEP CALM, no matter what! I'm pretty sure we won that round :D

We ended up in 4th place, out of 7 teams, so I'm pleased with that, better than I expected.

Tomorrow will I go to a trip to Yellowstone with my organisation (EF) and other exchange students.

Time for bed!

Good night kiss ;*   



For exactly a month ago, the 20th of August at 7.35 am did I step on the first of three planes to the United States of America. Since then have I done many different exiting things! I have had the and most interesting month in my life. I'm so glad that I was given this opportunity, and I look forward to having 9 more months here (or more!). 

This week in school has pretty much been like any school week. I'm starting to get into to the schedule and get used to the classes, which I'm still happy with. 

The best day of the school week was friday (I know, friday is pretty much always the best). This friday was EXTRA good! First of all, it was friday. Second, it was an A day, which means that I have most of my practical classes that day, so thats over all nice. My first class was Theatre, and that always fun, especially when we get to see other people in the group perform (cause they are all so good!). My second period was Dance, but the teacher was absent so we had a substitute teacher and we watch Mean Girls. Then I had lunch with some friends and thats always nice. Third period was Dance, Hip Hop and its the same teacher as previous dance class so we had a substitute teacher there as well and watch Stomp the Yard, a dance movie. It was really good, I think I'll watch the ending of it later tonight if I have the time. Fourth period was US History, which I enjoy, cause the teacher is so good. Unfortunately this teacher was absent as well, so once again, we had a substitute teacher and we watch a movie about George Washington crossing the Delaware river. The movie was actually kind of good, not my first choice movie, but it made it clearer for me what happened at the Delaware river and how America won its first battle against Britain.

After school, me and some friends went back to my house and enjoyed my basement and all thats in it. We played pool and I won four times in a row (four out of four games!), I had a really good play day ;) I also won at ping pong. 

During the evening me and my family went to the cinema. We saw "The Maze Runner", it was really good, I would truly recommend it. 

Today has been a really good day as well. It started at 8am when we went into Salt Lake to go to the farmers market. After walking around the market for a while and had bought a bunch of fresh and good fruit did we went to this newly opened juice place. And then we brought the juice to a little caf√© down the street and got fries and Belgium waffles. It tasted sooo good! Then we went by Utah State Capitol, cause Lauren needed some pictures for a art project. When we got home I studied a bit a catched up on some sleep. 

The waffle and my juice.

Utah State Capitol

My new favourite study place, out in the heat.

A little snack. A fruit salad with peaches, bananas, raspberries and white and dark chocolate. 

Popcorn for tonights movie.

Well, I'm going to go to a friends house now and watch a movie!

Love Jonna




I'm not completely sure what homecoming week is, but from what I've understand is it like a big weekly welcome back to school.

It started of on Monday by receiving notes were we nominated seniors for homecoming queen and king. Girls voted for guys and the other way around. This was kind of hard for me to do, since I don't really know any seniors, and if I do, either don't I know their full name, or that they are seniors. So I asked my fellow classmates who to vote for, hope I voted right!

During Tuesday did we get new notes with six names on them and we had to circle the top three, who we thought should become homecoming royalty. This was a bit easier, cause I just had to circle and that means that I could just pick randomly. Later during the day was Movie Night (7.30 o'clock). Before that did I have some friends over and we played pool, ping pong and just hung out. After that did we go and pick up another friend and we all went to the movie night. They played the movie "Remember Titans", which is smart/fun choice of movie, since we at olympus are the titans. We watch the movie for like 10 min and then we went out and socialised with some people, some that I knew from before and some new people. We stood outside for a while and then did we go to a frozen yoghurt place. I had a great night, even though I missed the entire movie. 

During Wednesday was the "Powder Puff" game. That means that the girls play football and the guys cheer. Unfortunately did I miss it, cause I realised that it took place right after school when I got home, but I guess it would have been a fun thing to see.

At Thursday did we get out of school earlier (at 1.10 instead of 2.10), to attend the "Agora". Agora is like a greek outside market (Titans = Greek). At our Agora did different clubs sell Olympus cloths, ice cream, sodas and stuff like that. Different school bands played music. It was a fun thing, just being outside in the beautiful weather (it was around 30 degrees Celsius) and talking with people.

Friday, most busy day of them all. Ceramics in the morning. This was my first time ever I got to work on the wheel, it was fun, but also a lot harder than I expected. Hopefully it will go better next time. Then it was time for my second assembly for the year, the PEP assembly. It was really fun. They did a lot of different things, like a competition were a students from each year had their back turned against the three teachers who sag three different song and the students were suppose to guess which teacher it was who sang. Then did they do a dance off between the teachers and students, it was sooo fun to see. The teachers had dressed up like "old people" and dance really funny. And the students were really good! There were also a "Cinderella" thing. Cinderella is this years theatre. They had some different girl come up to the floor and try on a shoe, if it fit, the girl won two free tickets to Cinderella. The shoe fit on all of the girls except for one, I felt so sorry for her, I would not have wanted to be her. It also had a dance thing with both the cheerleaders and drill team (and maybe the dance company as well, not sure). At last did they have a eating competition. The food contained spaghetti, PopTarts and other things that do not work good together hahaha.

The eating contest, the guy the furthest to the right won. 

The cheerleaders and drill team.

After the Pep Assembly did I have english and we continued on our group project. And after that was it time for lunch. After lunch was it time for math, and a math test.... I think I did pretty good, but only time will tell. My last period was Debate and I turned in my two page essay on why we should have a specific law and how that would solve the problem, and I had two days to write it... It was a miracle that I was able to turn it in on time. I'm so glad I did not get any homework from that day. 

A hour or so after I got home from school, me and Lauren (my host sister) went to city creek. It was so beautiful! Its an outside shopping place downtown, about 20min driving from here. We went there cause I needed to buy heals for homecoming and I saw some beautiful once online at forever 21 and the closest one is downtown. I bought a pair of heals and a nail polish matching my dress. Then we went back home after walking around there for a while. I hope I'll go back there soon for more shopping and exploring the place!   

Homecoming game. This was the first game I saw at home (finally). Unfortunately did we play really bad. It was so boring that we left during second period, cause we were under 0-14. Apparently 0-14 was also the final score... According to other people was this the first homecoming game that we lost during one teacher entire teaching period at Olympus (20-30 years, or something like that), so that was kind of bad. I feel really sorry for our Team for losing like that. But it is what it is. When we left the game did we go for frozen yoghurt, I didn't buy any though, cause I was already freezing, so I didn't feel like adding extra coldness to my body. Then we went back to my place, hung out and returned to the pool table.

The homecoming royalty at the game, they were announced during the Pep assembly, I don't remember their names though. 

The crowded bleachers at Olympus side at our homecoming game.


The Players at the game.

Saturday = dance and entire day of doing things. This was the best and most interesting day of all of the days during homecoming week. When you go to the homecoming dance you go with a group of people, and within the group is there "couples/dates". The guy asks a girl to go with him to the dance, the girl either says yes or no, I said yes. And then the guys in the group plans and pays the day. The person you go with to the date doesn't have to be a person you dates, it can be just a friend and thats what I did, I went with a friend. The day that the guy planed, begun at 1 o'clock pm, by "picking up the girls", to go to Airborne. Airborne is a big place with a bunch of trampolines. It was really fun! 

Our homecoming group outside of Airborne.

Then me and three other girls went back to my house to get ready for the dance together, I'm really glad that we did that, cause its always fun to do makeup and hair with friends and it got us sometime to get to know each other better. Then around 7 o'clock the rest of the group came here, so that we could take pictures. Thats also when my date gave me the corsage. It was truly beautiful. It had pink roses (my favourite) on it.

The corsage on my hand.

The corsage.

Me and my date.

Our homecoming group.

After we had taken the pictures, did we go to one of the guys place and had dinner, pizza. When dinner was over, was it time for the actual dance.

The dance was outside (the have a longer summer here, so it was possible to be outside during the evening and not be freezing). I think that the theme were dancing in the moonlight (or something like that) so it was really pretty that it was outside.

After being at the dance for like 45min (that was enough time), did we go back to the same guys place were we ate and watched a movie. 

I was back around 12pm after a long and amazing day, thank you all!!

So that was my week  <3 

- Jonna