Fortunately for me, I had arranged the guide for the following day, and the rest of the japan trip was smooth sailing. Especially in the tourist heavy Osaka Castle. The twenty minute wait for the elevator seemed a bit much, so upon my guide’s recommendation we took the stairs, and worked our way down. It was still a crowded place, fortunately I had a friend on which to rely for the valuable historical information. Especially from the viewing platform on the top floor, which offered a beautiful 360 degree view of Osaka, my guide was able to point out and explain various details in the city that I wouldn’t have known about were it not for his expertise.

In fact, this is how we came to eat at one of the best sushi restaurants in the city later that night. It was a wonderful experience, sitting at the counter and knowing just what to order. It absolutely made the trip, and lessened my anxiety about doing something wrong or offending the chef. I was instructed on the proper etiquette and method by my guide, for example I never knew to dip only the fish into the soy sauce, and not the rice. Were it not for my Osaka trip guide, I would’ve looked like a fool!

Japan is a wonderful place in Tours of East Asia , I can’t wait to go back. Osaka had the best and most unique food I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I didn’t even try the fugu. Fortunately for me, that will give me a reason to return, and I’ll absolutely hire a private tour again, to make sure I find the best the city has to offer.