Trying Soap brows

I remember a couple of years ago I watched a vlog by Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo and she mentioned how she has started using soap in her brows to hold them in place. At the time my brows were in woeful shape and I don't think I'd figured out yet how awful they looked. Anyway I have been noticing that this trend has started coming back slowly, I recently watched a Linda Hallberg video where she used this technique and I thought I'd give it a try.

So I have tried this trick a handful of times now, usually when I'm not wearing makeup/ when I have 'no makeup-makeup' and it actually holds in place reasonably well. I typically use the Maybelline Brow Drama brow gel on an everyday basis and it usually keeps my brows in place without feeling too crunchy. Soap brows actually feel quite similar to my brow gel, although think it's slightly more prone to move about a little bit than brow gel.

To dot this technique you need a bar of soap, a spoolie and a little bit of water. I'm not sure where this bar of soap is from (my sister gave it to me when I moved in to my flat) and the spoolie is from Amazon. I was too lazy to get up to run my spoolie under some tap water so I sprayed my spoolie with Mac Fix and it worked just fine. I then rub the spoolie back and forth a little bit to get some product on the spoolie. Now, it may seem obvious but make sure the soap is wet, as if it's too dry you'll get white flakes of soap in your brows. The same thing happens if you apply too much, so just be aware of that! As a final step I used a bit of brow pencil on the tail of my brow and a tiny bit of concealer to clean and shape the outside of my brows to make the edges sharper.

Before and after of applying soap in my brows

I could see myself not repurchasing the Maybelline brow gel for a little while, I do have a whole bar of soap that gives me the look I want. However, I'm not quite sure how to use the soap with my brow powder. I've seen some people use brow pomades with soap so I might give that a go (as I have uneven brows so I'd like something to make them look a bit more like sisters and not distant cousins). I think if you know you're not going to get your brows wet this is cheap and easy to get your brows to stay in place!

Overall, I think this is a great way to set your brows! I think I'll definitely be using this technique in the future as its really simple and natural looking.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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