Too Faced - better than sex?

So firstly before you begin reading, I need to point out that mascara is a very personal makeup product and different people want different things from a mascara. So, these are my preferences:. I like mascaras that are lengthening, provide some colour to my lashes (my eyelashes are quite fair) and finally, I need my mascara to be able to hold a curl. My lashes LOVE to point straight ahead down, making them look shorter than they are, so I need something to make them visible, to really open my eyes.

My current favourite formulas are Maybelline Lash Sensational and of course, the original Lancôme Hypnose. These are slightly different from one another, the wands are completely different and the Maybelline formula is slightly more thickening and gives the lashes are more "clumped" together look and the Lancôme mascara gives the lashes a more feathery soft look but I do like both of them and they are my go-to's.

The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was very hyped up when it launched and still to this day it is one of the more famous mascaras out there, most likely due to its slightly raunchy name. I wasn't super excited when it first launched as I remember the name seemed a bit silly to me and the story behind it actually made me laugh. I remember hearing that it got its name from some of the girls at the Too Faced office, who tried it out and apparently exclaimed that "this it better than sex!". Well. I am here today to let you know if it is as amazing as they claimed.

From left to right: Bare lashes, one coat of BTS, two coats of BTS

So I applied the BTS mascara at around 9.30 AM after my usual makeup routine (I apply mascara at the end my routine, typically last or second to last as my lip colour is last most of the time). Before I applied it, I took a picture to demonstrate what my natural lashes look like after being curled. I did notice pretty quickly that my lashes began to lose their curl and point down after I applied one coat, so I did re-curl them (sometimes this does happen with other mascaras) but it wasn't the end of the world for me. Although it gave me some definition, it wasn't enough for me when it comes to length. The formula was quite dry and I was able to apply another layer but I couldn't get more length out of it.

I did notice that after a couple hours some of the mascara had flaked off onto my face, I would have taken a photo of it but I had to run out the door. I was able to remove it quite easily as it was dry so I could just flick it off but I was a bit worried that it would continue to flake off throughout the day.

I checked my mascara around 3PM and I noticed it was just not really doing much for me, it was there, but it wasn't giving me a lengthened, fluffy look. I wore it until 8.30 PM (11 hours). I would have waited another hour to get it to the 12 hour mark, but I was too tired and over it. I also noticed that I had tiny flakes of mascara all over my cheeks. I tried to take a picture but I don't think the picture fully captured it. I also found that my lashes had dropped slightly, which isn't unusual for my lashes but important to note. I felt I looked like a hot mess. Also I hope you enjoy this close up of my pores, you're welcome.

So in conclusion, this is mascara is not for me. It does the job but especially for the price (£19.00 for the full size), I don't feel its worth it. I think this is a mascara for those who want definition and colour and don't have problems with mascaras flaking on them. I have also seen in some of their marketing images that they have applied what seems to be about 10 coats on their models, so if you like layering a LOT of mascara maybe you'd enjoy this one. But, I may just have gotten a bad batch but either way, I would not recommend this mascara and I will not re-purchase it.

Also on a side note, I feel bad for the employees at Too Faced. I hope this was all office banter and no-one genuinely believed that this lives up to its name.

Thanks for reading!



Jag vågar inte lägga så mycket pengar på mascaror längre efter Perversion fiaskot i julas, men är så nyfiken på vattenfasta versionen av BTS 😂 Du är aldrig en hot mess, bara hot 😘
Haha ja men köp inte en full size! Du är hot 😘