Tattoo Brow

I picked up this product a while ago thinking it was the Maybelline Brow Drama brow gel while I was at the airport. I was a bit confused when I opened the packaging before I realised my mistake but I thought I would give it a try now, seeing as I don't have anywhere to be in case things go wrong.

The product claims to be "ultra-resistant... creating fuller-looking definition that lasts for days" and I'm not sure I necessarily believe that it will last for days, as surely this washes off, especially if you double cleanse(?) but I thought I'd give it a go and see how long it actually lasts on me.

The instructions are also a bit vague, it just says to fill in your brows from the arch to the tail of the brow and then to lightly fill in the front of the brow before using a spoolie to comb through the brow hairs. It also says to allow time for it to dry.

I got the shade Blonde, it's slightly deeper and warmer than I would normally go for (for reference, my perfect shade is Benefits 2.5). My initial thoughts when looking at the applicator is that is not precise at all. I think it would have been good it it has a flat tip so it could be applied for precisely on the tail of the brow. My brows aren't super skinny but after applying and then combing through my brows I had product all around my brows so I then had to clean up the edges.

Left to right: Bare brows, during application, after applying Maybelline Tattoo Brow

I could tell after a couple of minutes that my brows felt like they definitely had product in them but they weren't set down in place. I prefer feeling like my brows are set in place, while this wasn't the end of the world for me, I felt like I had to be conscious of not touching my eyebrows throughout the day. After applying this to my brows I did find it looked a little bit more intense then I normally like my brows to look. I tend to prefer a slightly more "hair-like" look than this. I also asked my boyfriend what he thought about my eyebrows (he didn't know that I was trying out a new product) and he described them as looking "smokey", so take that as you will.

A couple of minutes after application of the Maybelline Brow Tattoo

After applying eye makeup it did look less harsh but I was still unsure of how it looked. I think if there maybe was a colour slightly lighter and a bit more cool toned I might have liked it more. I think if you like a stronger more intense brow you might like this though.

Maybelline Brow Tattoo after 10 hours of wear

After about 10 hours, my brows looked ok but they were a bit all over the place. Any hold this product has was clearly not match for my brows. I did leave the house to go for a walk so I used a spoolie to put them back in place as I felt it looked a bit weird. Where I had applied more product, my brows had stayed more in place and as I hadn't applied much in the front of my brows I understand why it did hold up as well.

Brows after 24 hours

So I tried very hard not to touch my brows when I was cleansing my skin but I think most of the product disappeared by the time I was finished my evening skin care routine. I don't have a picture of what it looked like after cleansing but it looked pretty much the same as it does now 24 hours after applying it.

Now, 24 hours later, I can still see some pigment under the arch of my brow a a tiny bit on the tail. I did concentrate most of the product there so I'm happy to see a tiny bit is still there. However, I'm not sure its enough for me to consider it being long-wearing. I didn't really expect it to hold up so I'm not disappointed but I could kind of see it coming at the same time.

Final thoughts

I've mentioned a couple of times now that I double cleanse and it's something I've been doing for years (although I do use better products now). I ALWAYS remove my makeup before cleansing, no matter what, as I wear makeup and SPF basically everyday. I think if you don't cleanse your skin as thoroughly or as often as I do, you might find that this lasts longer on you but for me, I don't think I can say that this a product that would make me change my routine.

I think there may be a way to make this work for me, such as using a sharp angle brush to draw on hairlike strokes, however I'm not sure if this will last any longer than applying it the way it's described on the packaging. I will have to try it out and see what I think.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



Super fin ögonskuggs-kombo, bae 😘 Känns som Tattoo biten är lite rip-off av KVD Beauty's Tattoo Liner?
tack bae! ❤️ haha ja lite så, men håller inte lika bra 😂