Sydney Grace Matte Eyeshadows

Sydney Grace is a brand with a cult following in the indie space. They are probably most famous mattes, although they do have some popular shimmer eyeshadows too. As I got more into indie makeup I kept on hearing such amazing things about their shadows, so much so that I felt compelled to purchase a couple of shadows during their annual 'Christmas in July' sale.

I try to plan out which shades I'm drawn to quite a long time before purchasing just to ensure I'm buying shades I'd get use out of; so I compiled a list of shades I was most drawn to. I did decide to play it safe though and only buy matte shadows, even though they have some nice looking shimmers.

Formula overview

I think I may have picked up too many neutral light to mid-tone mattes in one go, as I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of neutrals I have so I haven't gotten around to using all of them, so this review may not be as thorough as I'd like it to be. That being said, so far I have been happy with the quality of these shadows, they have a good amount of pigment and there is hardly any kick up in the pan. Personally there being kick up in the pan isn't a dealbreaker for me but I just thought I'd mention it.

When using these shadows, I didn't have to think too much about blending them, they're very easy to work with. I can see why this formula is so popular! I'm not sure what formula I'd compare it to, I would say they're relatively comparable to ABH but the formulas don't feel the same. So far from the times I've used these shades I'd say that Sydney Grace is slightly more blendable and have less fallout but have the same amount of pigmentation.


Haystack is a light neutral yellow

Bravo is a warm-toned deep green, in swatches it looks more grey toned

Camel is a light, warm beige

San Diego is a warm, light-medium brown

Iced Mocha is a neutral light taupe

Puppy is a medium-deep taupey-brown that can lean more warm or neutral depending on what you pair it with

San Jose is a light grey taupe

Pismo is a light taupe

Speedway is a light-medium, cool taupe and leans far more grey than Pismo

Winter Wonder is a pale lilac-mauve

Overall thoughts

I'm really impressed so far! These shadows are consistent, have a great formula and like I mentioned before you don't have to put a ton of effort in to getting a nice looking blend. The blendability doesn't sacrifice the level of pigment at all, so far I love the formula and the way these perform on the eyes.

I'd definitely buy more shades in the future, although I'd love to see more bright and colourful from Sydney Grace. I have primarily been using the more colourful shades I bought, just because I have not really been reaching for neutrals lately. So if Sydney Grace released more colourful shades I'd definitely make an order. If you've been on the fence about picking up any of their shadows I'd recommend them.

Thanks for reading!