SUVA Beauty Hydraliner

I have been intrigued by Suva Beauty's UV Hydra Fix liners for a couple of years now and I picked one up during the Black Friday sales. These seemed so cool and I wanted to see if they would work. Stupidly though, I didn't think I'd need to get a UVA light to see if they're UV so I have no idea how well it works. Anyway here is what I found.

I enjoy the formula, its very easy to get a vibrant colour payoff. It was very easy to use, I ran my eyeliner brush under the tap for a second and then dipped into the eyeliner. This formula reminds me a lot of how watercolour looks like and it dried pretty quickly on the skin. It was very easy to tidy up with just a q-tip and some makeup remover. However that also means that it didn't really last on me, I had a little bit of transfer on my eyelid after about an hour of wear (keep in mind I have quite oily eyelids) but in general it held up alright.

I was hoping this shade, Grape Soda, would lean more red as I have been wanting to be able to do a burgundy eyeliner look but instead this leaned far more cool toned and more pink than anything as you can see in this photo. I am still on the quest to find a burgundy eyeliner!