Stila Iridescent Glitter & Glow Trio

So the obsession continues...

I purchased the Iridescent set on a whim as I saw it was on offer on the website and I know I enjoy the formula and lasting power. I wanted some new glitter shades when creating looks and it will also be useful on the occasions when I get asked to do someone else's makeup. So - I didn't need it but... its glittery.

This set contains three shades that contain 0.07 oz / 2.25 ml each.

  • Embellish: A cool rose-gold with silver glitter. This looks like the love-child of two other Glitter & Glow's in Kitten Karma and Ballet Baby

  • Stylish: Very pale gold platinum with gold glitter

  • Dollish: a dark warm pink with gold glitter. This is also permanent and available in a full size.

I have tried to take pictures from different angles, sharpness and lighting in order to catch the glitter and supposed duo-chrome effect to accurately show how they would look in different circumstances.

So is this set duo-chrome? Nope.

They're all very pretty, but not one of them is a duo-chrome. (I'm of the belief that having a different colour of glitter in an eyeshadow doesn't make it duo-chrome.) There isn't a shift to any of them, its got some nice glitter in it which again, very pretty, but is not what its marketed as. Below I have a swatch of the shade Sea Siren, a purple to pale blue duo-chrome from a previous collection (I believe it was a mermaid inspired?) and it does have a colour shift to it form purple to blue, so I don't know why they either marketed this set as duo-chrome or if they genuinely believe that this is what a duo-chrome is, as they have clearly gotten it right before.

Stila Glitter & Glow in the shade Sea Siren

So how to they compare to the other formulas?

I compared the formula to other Glitter & Glow's I own and I found this trio to have a similar formula to Ballet Baby (pale pink) and Sea Siren but as stated previously the "duo-chrome" element is not the same as the duo-chrome shade Sea Siren. It differs most from the formula of my mini Smoky Storm from the Written in the Stars trio which was released for Christmas 2017. The formula of the Iridescent trio does have some minimal fall-out compared to the the formula in the Written in the Stars trio, which has a lot more chunky bits of glitter in it that can tend to have some more fall-out. The shades in the Written in the Stars trio are also slightly more pigmented.

They are reasonably easy to layer, I did notice that Stylish was very thin in texture and did not have a lot of pigment to it, but as it is such a light shade this doesn't really bother me,

I also noticed that Dollish stained my skin ever so slightly but it did disappear after a couple of hours. If you know you are sensitive to certain pigments, please do some research on it before purchasing this shade! I didn't have any problems with it but it's something to be aware of just in case!

Left to right, Sea Siren, Ballet Baby, Smoky Storm, Embellish, Stylish and Dollish

I also have a new preferred way of removing these too, in fact I have changed the way I remove my makeup in general, nowadays I use a cleansing balm instead of micellar water.  Removing the Stila glitters using a cleansing balm is far easier! After wearing these I remove my base makeup first and then go back to the eyes and remove the glitter that way, as I feel like I would just be rubbing glitter all over my face if I removed it all at once.

Thanks for reading!