Pat McGrath Lust Glosses

Those of you who are frequent readers will know that I fell in love with one of these glosses around of year ago. So once I was close to finishing that gloss, I pretty much ran out to buy a replacement... and then an additional one

These are the only products I've ever tried from Pat McGrath, as the brand is in the luxury category, so most products are out of my price range. These glosses typically retail for Β£β€Œ26 each but I was able to get these on a good deal for around 25% off. As it was a deal, I of course purchased 2 shades, Flesh Fantasy (the shade I repurchased) and Flesh 6.


Flesh Fantasy is a pink-toned coral with a cream finish . It's a really good nude, my-lips-but-better kind of shade on my skin tone.

Flesh 6 is a deep brick red with a cream finish. I think this is a shade that would look amazing on anyone, but especially if you have a deeper complexion!

Lip swatches

Wearing the shade Flesh 6

Wearing the shade Flesh 6

FOrmula overview

As mentioned previously I have owned and reviewed the shade Flesh Fantasy before, (I posted this review almost exactly a year ago!) however I have since tried more gloss formulas so I do have more to compare this formula to.

The Lust formula applies smoothly and generally pretty evenly pigmentation-wise on the lips and the formula feels very creamy and looks very shiny on first application, although the shine does fade somewhat as you wear it. Flesh 6 applied well but still slightly less evenly than Flesh Fantasy, but that tends to happen with most more pigmented shades of lip gloss.

Once applied, it feels hydrating and doesn't feel sticky on the lips, (yet as with any gloss, your hair will stick to it given the chance). If you've never come across any of my posts before, I have severely dry and sensitive lips, so I am extremely picky when it comes to lip formulas. These glosses are very comfortable to wear and they don't irritate my lips. Both these glosses have a vanilla scent which is pleasant and not overpowering,

Final thoughts

As you may be able to tell, I really like these glosses! I already knew I liked the formula a lot so I'm glad to have them in my collection. They're gorgeous shades that are so easy to wear and are really flattering. Flesh Fantasy is a great everyday shade for me but I already know Flesh 6 will be my go-to for autumn!

Have you tried anything from Pat McGrath? Thanks for reading!