Pat McGrath - Flesh Fantasy

Pat McGrath is one of those brands that creates beautiful, over-indulgent items of makeup and I have been so curious about the quality of products and if they are as life changing as they are made out to be. Pat McGrath's products are as expensive as they are luxurious, so I thought I'd dip my toe in with something slightly more in my price range.

I have been looking for more sheer nude lip options after purchasing the Urban Decay Sansa Stark lipstick, I noticed that it was one of my most used lip products since buying it. However, its limited edition and no longer available, so I want to soften the blow by having another option once I finish UD Sansa Stark. I tend to purchase more pink-toned rosy shades as they are my-lips-but-better kind of shades, so I have been on the hunt for something that leans more on on the dark coral-nude side but still looks flattering on my skin tone.

I haven't heard anyone talk about these lip glosses before, so I looked up some swatches on Temptalia to help me pick which shade to pick and eventually decided on Flesh Fantasy. This shade is described as a lush pink beige on the Pat McGrath website but I can definitely see a hint of coral in it too. In the pictures it does look slightly more pink than it is in real life (swatches on both skin and lips are below). I am very pleased with how it looks on my skin tone and I think this shade would actually be flattering on most skin tones.

This lip gloss has a pretty standard doe-foot applicator which is fine with me, seeing as the rest of the packaging feels quite lux. When applied to the lips you can feel it but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky in any way. It has a really nice, light scent which lands somewhere between vanilla and chocolate cake, its not overpowering at all and is very pleasant.

This lip gloss doesn't last any longer or less longer than any other lip gloss I've tried, which is completely fine with me. I've worn it on a couple of occasions now and the first time I wore it I noticed after a couple of hours that it had gathered in the centre of my lips and looked a little lighter than the rest of my lips, almost like a white cast in the centre (I wasn't able to take a picture of this as I was out and about and felt weird taking a close up picture of my lips in public). I ended up removing all the product as I was in a hurry and went about my day. Since then it's not happened to me again, so I'm not sure what exactly I did to make that happen. Every other time I've worn this it's look completely fine and worn off the way more lip glosses do on me. I'm putting my first experience wearing down to a random fluke.

Left: Bare lips Right: After applying Flesh Fantasy lip gloss

This gloss retails for £25, which is more than I usually would pay for a lip gloss but I really liked to colour and think the packaging is really pretty, so it didn't feel too frivolous of a purchase. I also find that having fewer but nicer things makes me more likely to enjoy using up what I have and in general feel like I don't need to go out and buy more.

I think if you like spending a little more on something from luxurious time to time, this is a nice product but not groundbreaking. I will definitely get some use out of this and I've already been bringing it with me when I go about my day so I can reapply and feel fancy.

Thanks for reading!



Är det någon plumping effect i den? Letar efter ett nude utan det 😂
Nope! 😊 mina läppar klarar inte av såna läppprodukter 😂
Kanon! Mina klarar inte av det på vintern pga köldeksem vid läppen 🙃