Oden's Eye Älva Palette

Oden's Eye is a Swedish indie brand and their inspiration behind their aesthetic is Norse mythology, which is such a cool concept. They have a relatively small range of products, only 3 palettes and a few blushes and lip stains. I really like the look of what they've brought out so far, so I'll be keeping my eye out for their future releases.

The product that really caught my eye is this palette, the Älva palette. For you non-Swedish speakers, Älva means fairy. All of the shade names are inspired by flowers, even coffee bean, (although I did google that to check because I wasn't sure about that one) which is really cute.

I believe I originally heard about this brand on Julia Mazzucato's Youtube channel and I think that's where I first saw this palette too. Call me basic, but these kinds of colour stories get to me. I LOVE warm pinks and purples, so of course I fell in love with this palette and of course I had to have it. I also really liked the fact that these shadows are quite small, the palette as a whole is quite slim and would be easy to travel with.



I started by using Jasmine as a transition shade, then I used Morning-Glory in my crease, outer V and along my lower lashline, creating a winged out shape. I did use some more of Jasmine to blend that shade out a bit. I then put down some glitter glue all over my lid and inner corner. I then placed the shade Coffee Bean on the outer part of my lid and and Cosmos on the inner half of my lid. Then in my inner corner I used Golden Tulipa.

I used Daisy in crease, outer V and lower lash line. I then used Sunflower all over the lid and Golden Tulipa layered in the centre of the lid and on my inner corner.

For this look I used Jasmine as a transition shade before using Camellia in my crease and lower lashline. I deepened my crease using Morning-Glory, then placed that same shade on the inner and outer half of my lid, creating a halo-eye shape. Then I deepened that even more using Peony, then I ran that same shade along my lower lashline. Using concealer in the centre of my lid to 'cut' my lid for the halo eye shape and set down some glitter glue in the same area. I packed on Lilac where I had placed the glitter glue,. then on either side of that I used Dahlia. I finished by using Lilac on my inner corner and in the centre of my lower lashline.

First I used Camellia in the crease and lower lashline, then I took Peony ever so slightly in the crease and also used it as a liner. Finally, I packed on Baby's Breath on the lid and inner corner.

On the inner half of my crease I used Daisy and for the outer half of the crease I used Camellia. I then cut my crease using concealer (which you can't really tell from the photo) and packed on Sunflower on the inner half of my lid and Cherry Blossom on the outer half of my lid. For my inner corner highlight I used Golden Tulipa.

In my crease I used a combination of Jasmine and Morning Glory. I then used Carnation all over the lid and on my inner corner

For this look I used Lotus in the crease and lower lash line. Then I used Morning Glory to deepen the crease, outer V and took it down onto my lower lashline too. On my lid I used Cherry Blossom on the outer half and Dandelion on the inner half of the lid and inner corner.

Formula overview

So there are a couple of different formulas within this palette, there are your standard mattes and then a couple of different shimmer formulas, where the difference is the amount of base pigment and the amount of flecks of glittery particles. In case you're worried when you hear the word glitter, don't worry, this formula does not contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is the kind of glitter that is harmful to the environment.

The mattes are so easy to blend, I don't have to think or work too hard about what I'm doing when blending the mattes. The matte I had the hardest time working with was Peony, the dark purple. I think this shade is slightly harder pressed than the other mattes, as it was harder to pick up as much colour as I wanted in one go. I had to layer this shade a bit to get the desired effect I was after. but other than that it performed just as nicely as the other mattes.

I like the variation of finishes of the shimmers, some are straight up intense shimmers but then you also have more metallic, glittery type formulas too. As mentioned before, some shimmer shades don't have as much pigment as the the others, so they are more like eyeshadow toppers. I would recommend using a glitter glue with the shades that have an intense glittery finish, as I think they wear better on the eye and look more intense. (I have started using a glitter glue more regularly anyway even when I'm using traditional shimmer shades just to get a more intense effect.)

The shade I like the least in this palettes is the shade Cosmos, which is a shimmery shadow with glitter flakes in it. This is gives a gorgeous effect on the eyes but it does also mean that this shade is very prone to fallout because of that. Even with a glitter glue, I had a lot of fallout under my eyes after a couple of hours. Also, I think I got a speck of fallout in my eye and although it wasn't painful it just was sort of uncomfortable. My eye is fine by the way, I don't think this is dangerous in any way but I will probably be hesitant when using this particular shade in the future.

final thoughts

I really love the formula of these shadows! I really enjoyed playing with this palette as I didn't have to work too hard and it still performed nicely on the eyes. Every time I created a look I was happy with the result.

The colour story is beautiful, these are some of my favourite kinds of shades when it comes to eyeshadow. However, this colour story isn't revolutionary, in fact the colours remind me a lot of the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. (I have a One Month One Palette on the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette if you want to see my thoughts on that palette.)

One of the limitations with this palette is that I found that some shades did look similar on the eyes. When I used Lotus and Morning Glory together, it basically created the same colour as Camellia. Baby's Breath and Carnation also do look quite similar.

This palette retails for £24 on the Odenseye website, which is a pretty good price. They do ship from Singapore though, so just be aware that they'll probably be extra charges for shipping. I ended up paying £28.29 in total, that included a discount code (there's quite a few out there) and the shipping cost. Considering the quality I think the price is well worth it!

Overall, I really like this palette! It isn't perfect but I can see myself reaching for this on an everyday basis as it's so user friendly and inspiring. If you like this colour story I definitely recommend it.

Thanks for reading!