Natasha Denona Blush and Glow mini

I have always been curious about Natasha Denona products but everything I liked the look of was always way out of my price range. Then this spring she released mini blush and highlighter duo's and I got very excited and immediately purchased one. I did try it out straight away when I first bought it and I wasn't impressed but I thought I would give it another go and see if I could work with it and like it.

Here I swatched the highlighter 3 times and the blush 6 times (it was more difficult to get the blush to actually show up on the skin). The highlighter is pretty, if slightly too sheer for my personal taste, but its a very flattering tone and doesn't emphasise any texture. The blush when finger swatched is quite pretty and I suppose you could say its buildable but I don't want to have to apply over six layers to make a blush show up on the skin, and I happen to like blushes that aren't too pigmented.

So in the picture to the left (above where I swatched using my finger) I swatched both the blush and the highlighter using 2 brushes; the Zoeva 127 blush brush and the Real Techniques setting brush. If you are straining your eyes to see the brush swatches, don't worry so was I. There is some sheen from the highlighter, but the blush just disappeared. In the picture to the right you can see how much I tried to pick up on the brush so believe me I tried to make it look good.

Left: Before applying ND Blush and Glow mini Right: After applying ND Blush and Glow mini

For my base I used the products I know and trust, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Light Vanilla, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent, and Benefit Hoola Bronzer. So they million dollar question is, where is the blush? I swear I have applied it but here it looks like I just applied a little highlighter.

So my final thoughts on this product are that I don't really like it. Blush and highlighter are my two favourite steps in my makeup routine and it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be. I do like the highlighter, especially if you like a more natural looking glow on the skin but the blush just annoyed me.

This mini duo retails for Β£16.00 and is available on Cultbeauty, Feelunique and Selfridges.