My Single Eyeshadow Palette

So I have had a few single shadows floating around for a couple months now and I wanted to give them a proper home- so I decided to finally buy an empty magnetic palette. (This also gave me an excuse to buy some more single shadows, I'm not going to lie.)

I have liked the look of this Nabla palette for quite a while and I decided to buy it from When I was looking on the website I also saw some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadows were on offer so I picked up some of them too. As of writing this, there is still a lot of shades that are discounted so if you've had your eye on some shades, run don't walk!

So far I have 7 shadows in my palette, 2 from Urban Decay and 5 from Anastasia Beverly Hills. As I bought most of these at different times I didn't really have a colour scheme in mind , but turns out being more interested in neutrals worked out for me because I'm really happy with how these shadows look together! Also I find it kind of funny that I accidentally started replicating the colour scheme of Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk palette, I didn't notice it until I actually started swatching the shadows.

Left to right: ABH Stone, ABH Birkin, ABH Brick, ABH Rosette, UD Solstice, UD Midnight Rodeo, ABH Metal

I'm already itching to fill this palette with more shadows but I am going to try and space it out so that I can treat myself occasionally. I am probably going to add some dusty pinks, deep burgundy's, cool browns and maybe (definitely) another duo-chrome or too.

Thanks for reading!