Musée Beauty - Impressionism Palette

Musée Beauty is a brand that has been on my radar for about half a year and in the short space of time I've been aware of them they have gained a lot of attention and released a lot more products. Musée create makeup inspired by artists and their art, which I think is such a great general concept and there is definitely a market for this kind of makeup. While I'm not an art nerd myself, I do appreciate the love and passion people have when it comes to art. So while I may not always understand the references, I still have an appreciation for it.

The Impressionism palette was their first ever product the brand released and they've since expanded into lip and cheek products as well. I decided to play it safe and only purchase one product from the brand, so I chose this palette as it was the colour story I was most drawn to.


As previously mentioned, what drew me in with this palette was the interesting colour story. It's laid out in a really nice way, as you can create really easy monochromatic looks if you use them in rows or quads.

Although still quite colourful, you can easily create some more office appropriate looks with the more neutral shades.I really like colour stories like this because of the versatility, I don't often wear neutrals on my eyes anymore but I still love having the option of having them there.

This palette contains an even split of 8 mattes and 8 satins which is a pretty good ratio. I tend to prefer more mattes than shimmers in palettes but I know a lot of people love a 50/50 split.



For this look I started by using Giverny in the crease and blended it out a fair bit before deepening my crease with Haystacks. I then used both of those shades along my lower lashline. Then I used the shade Scintillate all over my lid and used Wisp as an inner corner highlight.

For this look I used the shade Amaranthine in my crease, outer V and lower lash line. I used a white concealer to cut my crease, before packing Waterlily on the centre of my lid. I then took Wisp on the inner third of my lid and on my inner corner.

I started this look by taking the shade Dancers in my crease taking time to blend it out quite far. To deepen the look I used a combination of Haystacks and Poppies and also took it a little of the shade combination on the lower lash line. On the lid I packed on the shade Arles and on my inner corner I layered the shades Sunrise and Wisp.

I started this look using Parasol in the crease and lower lashline. I then deepened the crease with the shade Undergrowth before taking that along my lower lashline as well. On the centre of my lid I used Wisp and on either side I used the shadeVerdant. Again for my inner corner I used the shade Wisp.

For the crease I blended out the shade Almond before deepening the crease with that same shade and running it along my lower lashline. On the inner half of the lid I packed on the shade Coast, before taking Starry on the outer half of the lid. For my inner corner I used Wisp (no surprise here).

formula overview

I really hate to say this but I'm not in love with the formulas of these shadows. I am a bit of a formula snob, if something doesn't work well I get frustrated and often don't reach for it again. However, I have to say all of these shadows a very pigmented and I didn't notice any staining on the skin, although some of the blue and green shades did stain my brushes slightly.

Unfortunately, this matte formula not my favourite; I found I had to spend a bit more time blending to achieve a decent result. I did quite like the green mattes though, as I found they were the most blendable in this palette. I would probably reach for them again because I don't have this tone of green anywhere else in my collection.

My main issue with the mattes is that you can blend most them out to be a lovely wash of colour but if you want to go back in and deepen it it just ends up looking blocky on top of the nicely blended out part. However, the shade Poppies was very hard to blend. It's a very pigmented shadow but I have no idea how to make it look good, I tried a couple of different techniques but it never really got any better. I'd probably only ever use this shadow for liner, as there were many times when I tried to blend it out for literally 10 minutes and still didn't get the result I wanted.

As you can probably see in the image below, I had some really trouble making this even look decent, let alone good. On this occasion I think I tried to blend this out for 15-20 minutes.

Trying to blend out Poppies

The satins are ok but I don't love satins, so they left me kind of underwhelmed. Thats no fault of the formula though, it's literally just a matter of preference. All of the satins have nicely pigmented and performed pretty well, with the exception of Scintillate, which didn't quite work as well as I had hoped. It's supposed to have a duochrome shift but it honestly barely showed up. I did also notice that that shade is getting a bit of hardpan too so just be aware of that. I did use the shade Wisp quite frequently and I do enjoy it, it's just a standard white satin but it helped to brighten any look, despite being more subtle than I typically would like brightening shades to be.

final thoughts

You might have noticed that I didn't do quite as many looks as I normally do when using a palette for a month and this is quite simply because I was struggling to work with the mattes in this palette. I didn't find myself enjoying my 'makeup playtime' the way I usually do, so I decided to stop before I got too jaded.

Now just because I don't love the formula doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, it just means I personally don't like it on myself. As I said before, I don't really get a lot of use out of satins but if you know you like them, I think this might be a fun palette to play with.The only matte that I objectively think is bad is Poppies, just because I found it so hard to blend. The other mattes are ok but I would recommend other formulas over this one.

I might try and pass on this palette to a friend who I know loves art history next time I see her, just so it gets some more love than I want to give it. Hopefully she gets on with the formula better than I do.

Thanks for reading!