Milk Matte Bronzer

For someone who loves makeup as much as I do, it's a bit odd that I haven't tried many bronzers. I think in general bronzer can be a tricky part of makeup if you're starting out, so I was probably just too intimidated and scared of looking orange. I remember hearing great about the Milk Makeup Matte bronzer a couple of years ago when it launched but at the time I wasn't that interested in cream cheek products. Although I had seen some glowing reviews for this bronzer but ultimately it was my good friend Lisa was the one who convinced me to purchase it, We tend to have pretty similar preferences when it comes to makeup and I trust her recommendations.

I have been using this bronzer for about a month now as I wanted to form an opinion of what I think about it. First off, I love how it really blends seamlessly into the skin, just leaving a hint of warmth. I have tried building it up and it does layer nicely, so if your skin is deeper in tone or if you just prefer wearing more bronzer than I do, you'll get a lovely blended effect with this even if you build it up.

I picked up this bronzer in the shade Baked and the colour suits me pretty well, I think the sheerness of it makes it more versatile. I have heard some people say it's too orange and warm for them but I have a warm to neutral undertone so on me it looks perfect.

I can only really think of two cons to this product, Firstly, the shade range is very limited. Milk Makeup currently only offer two shades in this bronzer, which by today's standards is just really lacking. I would love to see Milk expand their shade range so more people could enjoy this product.

Secondly, there is an INSANE amount of product in this bronzer. If you like changing up your makeup routine regularly I don't think you'd manage to get through much of this before it expires. This isn't really a problem for me as I only own one other bronzer (and I don't have a lot left of that one) so I don't mind using this every day until it either finish it or it expires. There is a mini version of this bronzer, however it's only available in the US so I couldn't get a hold of it.

Close-up before and after apply the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer

To apply this I use a small tapered synthetic face brush so that I have control of where I am placing the product. Sometimes I go over it with a beauty blender just to ensure everything is nicely blended out but this step isn't really that necessary, it's more so for my own peace of mind.

In conclusion, I think this bronzer is lovely. It's so blendable and wears nicely throughout the day and doesn't go patchy. It does exactly what I want from a bronzer; it gives a subtle wash of warm to the skin yet still looks so natural. I have been wearing this bronzer every time I have worn makeup recently and I don't see that changing any time soon. I would recommend this if you are looking for something thats very warm and sheer but buildable.

Thanks for reading!