March Makeup Wishlist

With all of the things going on in the world, I thought I would keep this post pretty light-hearted and just discuss some things that I think are really pretty. This is a wishlist of things that have caught my eye recently, some of these things I probably won't buy as they're very expensive but that doesn't mean I can't daydream about them.

Photo taken from Beauty Bay

Starting off with the Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Friendcation palette. This palette has been out for a little while now and I'm pretty sure its limited edition too, but when I first saw it I wasn't that interested. However right now I think I'm going through an 'interesting warm green' phase where any palette I see that is mainly neutrals with pops of nice greens I'm sold (you'll see this theme throughout the rest of this post).

This colour story is no exception as it has a nice mix of neutral shades with a couple pops of colour. I think I would get a fair amount of use with this palette, as I'm drawn to 8/10 of the shades (I'm not a big fan of blue eyeshadow on myself) and I really like the Dose of Colors formula.

I was planning on picking this up soon but due to all the uncertainty I think I'll leave it for a couple of months. I already own a fair few eyeshadows so I think this will be something I will leave for now and hopefully when things settle down I can pick it up. This probably isn't a bad thing as I like to wait with a lot of my makeup purchases, I find that sometimes certain products don't stay on my wishlist for more than a month so I don't like making bigger purchases on a whim.

Photo taken from Sigma

So as you may know if you read my latest brush post, I really love Sigma brushes (I love being able to get them in a set as it's usually a good deal). Sigma's quality is amazing, plus they're vegan and cruelty free. So when I saw that Sigma had a brush collaboration with Jordan Liberty I GASPED. Jordan is an incredible artist who also posts Youtube content, if you haven't already definitely check him out. Anyway I digress, this set looks incredible. However, it retails for $249. I briefly considered purchasing this about a month ago and now with all the issues going on in the world, I am so glad I didn't invest in it so I could be smarter with my money. So this is something I probably won't pick up, although if money wasn't an issue I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Photo taken from Cult Beauty

The Natasha Denona Gold palette is something that I really don't need but it has so many shades that I love the look of. I love the colour story and I particularly like the interesting gold-green shades and the balance of the everyday neutral browns, it's so wearable. I wish I could swatch this palette so that I could see whether or not to justify spending Β£111 on it. It's an insane amount of money to spend on eyeshadow and I know I don't need it but again the magpie part of my brain wants to collect the shiny things.

Photo taken from Cult Beauty

I have really been enjoying using the Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, so I have been wanting to try more from the range. I want to give cream contouring a go and this Contour Wand looks like it would be pretty easy to use. This product has great marketing images where it's applied on a model and I'm really drawn in. This ins't too expensive, it retails for 29 which is pretty affordable compared to some things on this list. I would like to try this out but I'll probably wait a little bit to see if it stays on my wishlist.

Photos taken from Clionadh Cosmetics

Of course I will take any opportunity to talk about Clionadh Cosmetics. I literally have a pre-order for April and I'm still sat here planning my next order already. I really like the colour story of the Woodlands bundle, I really should have just ordered the whole Woodlands bundle as I think I'll end up with 75% of it. I ordered 3 shades so far but now I want to buy another 7, I haven't tried any mattes from Clionadh yet but I definitely want to try them out.

I also really like the look of Shroom too, I love a neutral shadow with an interesting shift to add some interest but still be wearable, Clionadh has some gorgeous shades. There's also one shade in the Stained Glass Collection I wish I would have added to my preorder, Royalty, I saw a swatch of it and it is quite honestly one of the most beautiful shadows I've ever seen in my life.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!