L'Oreal Lash Paradise

I had heard great things about the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. Some people even said it reminded them of one of my favourites; the Lancôme Hypnose. I decided to give it a go and do a wear test and here is what I found.

So straight away I noticed how massive this mascara wand was and this made me a bit worried as I typically like something a little bit smaller and skinnier so that I can be precise when applying. I have stabbed my eyes with huge mascara wands in the past and it was not pleasant. I also saw that this wand picks up a lot of product which could potentially make the application a bit clumpy. Usually I remove some of the excess product from the brush but I didn't this time so that I could see how it normally would apply.

Left: Bare lashes Right: One coat of L'Oreal Lash Paradise

I put on this mascara at just before 10am after my usual makeup routine (mascara is usually my last step). I found that it was lengthening, if a bit clumpy. I could have brushed out my lashes with a disposable mascara wand but again I wanted to see how just applying it would last on my lashes. I did also notice that my lashes dropped their curl ever so slightly but it wasn't enough to make me feel like I needed to re-curl them after applying the mascara.

Due to the larger wand size I did accidentally get some mascara onto my eyelid but it was easily removed afterwards. Overall I was pretty satisfied with how it looked, so I went on about my day.

Left: Directly after applying Right: After 11 hours of wear

I did check up on my mascara during the day and I didn't notice any flaking off or my lashes dropping down further and losing their curl so I was pretty happy with how it looked in general.

After 11 hours (9pm) I decided to check up on how the mascara was doing before removing my makeup. Sorry for the bad lighting and quality in the last photo, its pretty difficult to get a good picture with artificial lighting. Overall, the mascara looked very similar to how it looked when first applying it. The curl had dropped ever so slightly but I only really noticed it when comparing it to the pictures I had taken earlier in the day. There was no flaking or transferring anywhere on my face.

I think this mascara was what I expected the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was going to be. This one is far better and also cheaper so I would definitely urge you to go for this one if you are trying to decide between the two.

My final conclusion is that I like this mascara. While it isn't my favourite due to it being a bit more clumpy than I would like, I could wipe off some of the product and get the look I personally enjoy. I will definitely continue using it until I need a new mascara, I might go back to my Maybelline Lash Sensational but I'm willing to give the L'Oreal Lash Paradise a longer trial.

This mascara retails for £11.99 in the Boots and Superdrug.