Lois Cosmetics - Meet Me In The Underworld Palette

Lois Cosmetics is an indie brand based in the UK and has only been operating for just over a year. The Meet Me in the Underworld palette is their third palette they've released and it was the first time I and many others had heard of them. This palette was all over Instagram and I know many people who wanted to pick this up.

When I first saw the sneak peeks of the palette I was intrigued by the packaging and as someone who has loved Greek mythology from a young age, this theme was right up my alley. This palette is inspired by the story of Orpheus and Eurydice (I encourage you to read about it if you're unfamiliar!) and when this palette launched I had also been listening to the soundtrack of Hadestown a lot (as it's my go-to for studying) and Hadestown is based on the same story. It felt as though the stars had aligned and I decided to try it out.

I was able to get this palette on pre-order as I was on the website a little while before the official launch time, I know a lot of people missed out on it as it sold put extremely quickly. I know the owner of Lois Cosmetics has been a bit overwhelmed with the attention this palette has received so if you're wanting to order this palette, just be aware it might sell out quickly again as it's a very small business.

Colour story

This palette contains 16 shades, 9 mattes and 7 shimmers, which is a really nice split. It predominantly includes warm pinks and grungy greens (both colours I love wearing!) with some neutrals to pad it out. This is such an approachable colour story to me and I can see many different people liking this colours and getting a lot of use out of them. I like how the shades are laid out as well as I'm able to quickly put colour combinations together without having to think to hard about what I want to do.



For my first look, I started by using Snakebite in my crease, take a tiny but of Tragic Love to deepen my crease. I took both those shades along my lower lashline. I then used Melody to create a winged liner all the way into my inner corner. I then placed Poetry on my lid and finished by using Eurydice on my inner corner.

To start this look I used Woodlands in my crease and along my lower lashline and deepened that with a tiny bit of Underworld. I then used Forest on the outer third of my lid, Enchanted on the centre and inner third of my lid and Orpheus as my inner corner highlight.

I was so excited to do this look as soon I as I swatched the shades next to one another! I started by using Tragic Love as my crease shade and ran that along my lower lashline. Then I deepened the crease using Hades before packing Lyre all over my lid and inner corner, before taking a tiny bit of Eurydice on top of the inner corner to brighten it ever so slightly.

To start this look I used Nymph in the crease, taking it further out into a wing shape. I then deepened the same area with a little bit of Underworld and took a combination of those same shades on the lower lashline. I then cut my crease before packing on Forest on the outer third of my lid and Enchanted all over the rest of my lid. Using Underworld on a liner brush I added a thin line along my upper lashline. For my inner corner I used Eurydice.

I wanted to try out a more 'wearable' look so I started with Myth in the crease and Melody to deepen the crease and along the lower lashline. On my lid I used Lyre and finished with Eurydice on my inner corner. This look actually looked more red toned in real life so keep that in mind!

To start this look I used Footsteps as a transition shade and then applied Hades crease and along the lower lashline. I then cut my crease before packing Muses on my lid and Eurydice on the inner third and inner corner.

formula overview

The mattes feel very smooth and almost a bit dimethicone-y, the formula reminds me a little of the Emme Cosmetics mattes, although these feel a bit harder pressed than they do. All of them are very nicely pigmented and blend out very well. Even the the matte black worked incredibly well! Just based off how the mattes in this palette work I could see myself buying other Lois Cosmetics palettes in the future.

The shimmers all worked very well and looked nice on the lids, however I tend to prefer more impactful shimmers that either come across as high shine metallics or full-on sparkly shimmers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this shimmer formula though, just not entirely my personal preference. Orpheus and Lyre seemed to be the most intense out of the shimmers but they felt a but tame compared to what I'm used to. However if you like a softer shimmer or have mature eyes this formula would suit you really well!

final thoughts

I'm very happy with this palette! It's a lovely selection of some wearable colourful tones and the formula is very user friendly. I can see myself reaching for it in the future for neutrals, pinks and greens. I think I would also reach for the matte black alone as well, thats how good it is! If Lois Cosmetics release any more palettes with a good theme an colour story I can guarantee I will be purchasing more from them in the future.

This palette is limited edition but based on all the buzz surrounding its release I'm sure it'll be around for a while. I saw on their website that it's going to be restocked at the end of May so if you haven't managed to get your hands on it, run don't walk! Also I'm sorry this review is a bit shorter than normal but I'm spending so much needed quality time with family I've not seen in months so please forgive the shorter review!

Will you be buying this palette when it restocks? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!