Living Proof - 5 in 1

I got this as a gift this Christmas, so I've had this product in my hair drawer for a couple of months now and finally got round to using it. I think the main reason I'd not tried it yet is because I usually tend to let my hair air dry and the instructions on this product say to blow dry.

For transparency, my hair is naturally between a 2A-2B wave pattern, however I don't usually wear my hair in its natural state as I find it doesn't last well on me as my natural waves drop after a couple of days. I would rather do my hair after I wash it and leave it alone until I wash it next, mainly due to laziness.

Interestingly enough this product doesn't come with a lot of instructions, only to apply it on damp hair and then blow dry. I checked on the Living Proof website and there wasn't a lot more information of there either. The product claims are "smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish" which seems a bit odd to me as I feel like having volume and conditioning in the same product is a little contradictory. On the website it claims to be heat protective too which I think is a nice added bonus, although I'm not sure why this isn't one of the claims on the actual product itself, as that would have drawn me in as a consumer.

After washing my hair I applied a generous amount of product on my damp hair, from the mid-length of my hair down to my ends. I'm not sure if this was the correct way to apply it as I couldn't find any instructions about that. I then blow dried it straight using a small paddle brush. Immediately after drying I noticed my hair felt a tiny bit smoother, but the ends of my ends were pretty frizzy (which tends to happen when I blow dry) so I felt like I had to add some hair oil on my ends.

Left to right: Before washing, damp hair before product, after product and blowdrying

Final thoughts

I'm still undecided on this product, as I did notice somewhat of a difference as my hair was a bit less frizzy than usual when I blow dry it straight, however I'm not sure if I'd necessarily change my routine for a slight difference. I think I'll have to try this out a couple more times to fully form my opinion on this product. When I did check the website I saw that you can use this on damp hair and just let it air dry to which I think I will try in the future!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!