Limited Edition Products I Wish I Had Purchased

If you, just as I am, are a crazy makeup junkie who spends way too much money on shiny things, sometimes waiting to purchase something you're lusting after is a good idea - especially for your bank account. It allows you to think hard about whether or not there is a place for a certain makeup item in your collection, or if you're simply drawn in by the packaging or the opinions of others.

However, sometimes this logic doesn't always work out in my favour. Unfortunately I have spent way too much time thinking about limited edition products that I did not purchase before they were sold out. Is this normal? Maybe. Is this a complete waste of time? Absolutely.

So here is a selection of the products that I daydream about on a regular basis, in the hopes that I can stop thinking about them.

(Photos taken from Becca x Hatice Schmidt Berlin Girl Glow

Starting off with probably the product that inspired me to write this post. This is the Becca x Hatice Schmidt Berlin Girl Glow highlighter. It is described as a "Cool honey with light-shifting pink & blue pearls", and from the photos I have seen online it is a beautiful, wearable colour that gives the skin a wet look. From what I have seen online it looks stunning on a range of different skin tones and Hatice Schmidt did an excellent job on this collaboration.

Not only is this a stunning product combined with Becca's amazing formula, it is also highly sentimental to me, as Berlin is one of my favourite places in the world. There doesn't seem to be any information online about whether or not this product will be restocked but if it ever is I will be purchasing at least two of them.

The reason I didn't purchase it was I honestly thought it would be in stock longer. I waited a few weeks before deciding to buy it and at that point it was sadly too late. I still haven't gotten over it.

(Photo taken from the Nars website) Nars Hot Tryst Cheek Palette

To be perfectly honest, what drew me in here was the packaging and the way the pans are pressed. This palette is too beautiful. However the more I looked at it the more I got drawn in by the product itself. The range of these highlighters and blushes is beautiful, it is versatile and would fill a gap in my collection. And again, the design of the packaging and pans is rad. I think in this case the price was definitely what made me hesitate, it retailed for Β£45 which seems like a lot but it is a lot of product so it is/was definitely justifiable.

(Photo taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills x Mario Palette

The Master Palette by Mario is a prefect selection of shadows that give me instant inspiration. This range of colours is typically more smoky than I would typically gravitate towards but it is most definitely one I would use both for everyday use and for more intricate looks. I love the balance of cool and warm, it is a gorgeous standalone travel palette.

Also Mario Dedivanovic is a genius.

The reason I didn't purchase this was because I didn't really look at it properly until after it was out of stock. If only I had known.

If any of these products become available to me, I will be buying them immediately so I can move on with my life!