L.A. Girl Eyeliner Haul

On my quest to own as many different coloured eyeliners as possible, I previously bought an L.A. Girl eyeliner in the shade Magic Mint and I really enjoy the formula. As I had also heard great things about the rest of the range, so I decided to try out some more. I ended up purchasing 6 in total, half of which are from the Shockwave range and the other half are part of their Pastel Dreams range.


Gotcha is a vibrant true green.

Fresh is a bright, light turquoise.

Electric is a vivid cobalt blue.

Lavender is a light, warm-toned lavender.

Baby Pink is a warm, light pink with peachy undertones.

Sunshine is a light, pastel yellow.


Formula Overview

In general these eyeliner are pretty good but there were some performance discrepancies.

Fresh and Gotcha applied very smoothly and Fresh in particular felt almost buttery, however Electric was the complete opposite. When applied, it didn't feel smooth and literally flaked off my skin so I had to build it up which to be honest didn't really improve the look of it that much as it just looked more crumbly.

The shades from the Pastel Dream range all applied well, Sunshine felt a bit more chalky than the other shades but not enough for me to not reach for it. They're all nicely pigmented and applied smoothly.

Final Thoughts

I'm pretty happy with this haul! I'm a bit disappointed by the shade Electric so I doubt I'll be reaching for that shade. However I can see myself getting a lot of use out of all the other eyeliners. I've only tried three shades from the Shockwave range but I'm not sure if I'd feel confident to buy more from the range as I'm not impressed by Electric, which makes me wonder if there are any more duds in the range. However, as I really like all the eyeliners I've tried from the Pastel Dream formula I feel confident in recommending them.

These eyeliners retail for Β£5.50 for the Pastels and Β£4.95 for the Shockwaves on BeautyBay, which is honestly such an incredible price so if you want to add a fun pop of colour to your eyeshadow looks then I would recommend trying these!

Thanks for reading!