Kaleidos Makeup - Futurism VII Sashimi City

Time to review another Kaleidos palette! I was actually accidentally sent this from Kaleidos as I had ordered another palette but received this instead, I contacted them and they sent me the palette I had originally ordered and I got to keep this one. So I guess this is the first product that is gifted from a brand on here!

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks I've been using this palette and I've got some thoughts to share.

At full price, this palette retails for $24 and it contains 6 shades; 4 mattes and 2 shimmers. As with all Kaleidos palettes, the packaging of this palette is gorgeous and compliments the contents of the palette so well.


Promenade is a.deep warm brown matte

Penthouse is a sparkly pale gold shimmer with a slight pink duochrome.

Gourmet is a shade I'd describe as a butternut squash coloured. .

Pink Ginger is a sparkly pink to gold duochrome shimmer. On the eyes it mainly looked like a pink shimmer, it does has a duochrome effect but it never completely shifts in colour.

Salmon Skyline is a warm salmon matte.

Soy Sauce is a deep brown warm matte. It's incredibly similar to the shade Promenade but leans ever so slightly more red.



I began by running Salmon Skyline in my crease and also ran it along my lower lash line. Then taking the shade Soy Sauce to deepen my crease and also along lower lash line. On my lid I placed Pink Ginger and also used it as my inner corner highlight.

On this day I had a class and to turn on my camera on, so I wanted something that looked more wearable. I began by blending Salmon Skyline in the crease and then I used the shade Promenade as a liner before winging it out. On the lid and inner corner I used Penthouse.

To start this look I used Gourmet on the inner third of my crease, lid and lower lash line. I then took the shade Salmon Skyline on the centre third of my crease, lid and lower lash line. The I took Soy Sauce on the outer third of my crease, the outer V as well as outer third of my lid. I ran that same shade on the outer third of my lower lash line. I then went back and forth blending the 3 shades. On the outer half of my lid I used Pink Ginger and on the inner half and inner corner I used Penthouse.

For this look I used Gourmet in the crease and lower lash line, then I used Promenade to deepen the crease and lower lash line. On my lid I used Penthouse on the lid and inner corner.

Formula Overview

This is the second palette I've tried from Kaleidos and my thoughts are pretty similar with this one. All the mattes performed nicely and were pretty blendable, They are decently pigmented so when first applied they are pigmented but can be built up even more. I like formulas like this as it gives you some versatility.

The shimmers don't have a lot of base pigment to them but they are high impact shimmers, almost like lid toppers. These has a decent amount of fallout to them even with a glitter glue, so be aware of that. They do give a lovely effect on the lid though.

These shadows wore pretty well and I didn't notice any fading throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed using this palette, it is a lovely formula and a colour story where you could pick a couple shades at random and get a nice look out of it each time.

Even though it's not the kind of colour story I tend to reach for on a daily basis, I did like the looks I created using it, even though to me they did look sort of similar. This is not a colour story I would reach for that often as I like wearing more colourful eyeshadow these days, but I really did enjoy being able to get so many wearable looks out of it. Again, I would have liked to have had more versatility within the colour story. Soy Sauce and Promenade are such similar shades, I would have liked Soy Sauce to have been more red-orange toned to add some interest in the colour story.

I think this is a good palette for those of you who can't or don't feel comfortable with super colourful or high impact eyeshadow. It's still fun while being wearable. I can see myself reaching for this palette on days where I want to feel cute but don't want to stand out too much.

Thanks for reading!