Kaleidos Makeup - Futurism VI Lunar Lavender

Kaleidos is a brand I've been eyeing for a while now, so when I saw their Black Friday sale I took full advantage. One of the items I decided to pick up was their Lunar Lavender palette. This palette launched in the late summer 2020 and while the general consensus was that this was a good palette there was some talk about this palette not quite living up to the standards of the Kaleidos formula. So of course I had to try it myself.

This palette retails for $24 full price (I believe the sale was a 25% discount?) and contains 6 shades; 4 mattes and 2 shimmers.

One of the things that I really like about Kaleidos Futurism palettes is the packaging. They all look absolutely stunning and capture the colour story on the inside as well. Another really cool thing about these palettes is that you can pop out the shadows and the pans are magnetic, which just opens up so many possibilities.


Nocturnal is a mid-toned brown matte with a neutral undertone.

Moonroof is a periwinkle duochrome that shifts to a warm purple that has flecks or blue shimmer running through it. This shadow reminded me a bit of the shade Abrasion by Clionadh.

Dreamscape is a pink shimmer with flecks of silver sparkle. This shadow doesn't really have much of a base to it so when it's swatched it doesn't really show how nice it is.

Midnight Flora is a mid-toned cool purple.

Wisteria is a light matte lavender.

Crater Grove is a medium-deep brown matte with purple undertones.

I think this colour story is lovely, if somewhat confining. I'm not sure all the mattes were necessary, in my personal opinion when applied on the eye the browns look pretty similar and the two purples are indistinguishable. I think the colour story could have been fine-tuned ever so slightly and it would have made a big difference, for example deepening the shade Midnight Flora and Crater Grove, or swapping one of the browns for an intense inner corner highlight shade.



For the first look I used Wisteria as transition shade and then I used Nocturnal in my crease. Using a combination of these two shades along my lower lash-line. I then took a tiny bit of Crater Grove to deepen the crease ever so slightly on the outer lid. For the lid I took some glitter glue on a flat shader brush before placing the shade Dreamscape where I had applied the glitter glue. For my inner corner I used a bit of Dreamscape.

For this look I used Wisteria as an all round transition shade, before taking Midnight Flora in my crease and slightly above. For my lower lashline I used Midnight Flora before blending it out ever so slightly using Wisteria. On my lid I put down some glitter glue before packing on some of Moonroof. For my inner corner I applied some of the Colourpop Supershock shadow in Mycelium before tapping some of Moonroof on top.

For my third look I used Nocturnal in my transition area before taking Crater Grove in my crease as well as on the inner and outer half of my lid, leaving the centre if my lid. I then took that same shade along my lower lash line. On the centre of my lid and on my inner corner I used some of the shade Dreamscape.

When creating this look I used Wisteria inner half of my crease and lower lash line and then used Midnight Flora outer half my crease and lash line. I then packed Dreamscape on the lid and inner corner.

formula overview

The shimmers in this palette don't have a lot of base pigment which reminds me a little of how pressed glitters are. However these are definitely shimmers and not glitters! They are highly impactful and can look intense and textured, almost like topper shades. This allows for more versatility within the palette as you could layer these shimmers on top of the mattes in the palette and it would give different effects. However, they do have quite a lot of fallout so if you have a glitter glue I'd recommend using it with these shimmers as it will help. Fallout isn't a deal breaker for me as I don't mind doing my eyeshadow first but keep that in mind!

The mattes are decent, I was slightly apprehensive about trying them as I'd seen that the mattes had received mixed reviews. While I wouldn't describe them as the most pigmented shadows I didn't have many issues. The formula of the mattes is similar to Urban Decay in that there is a lighter amount of pigment and therefore feels quite blendable. There is a bit more kick-up in the pan that with Urban Decay shadows but nothing excessive. I enjoyed working with this formula. Although the mattes were good, the shimmers are what really stood out to me.

final thoughts

I'm very happy I purchased this palette. Although it's not perfect I enjoyed using it and love that the pans are magnetic and I'll be able to be more creative than with your standard palette. The shimmers are like sparkly magic, which I love and the mattes are pretty user friendly. I'm excited to try more from the brand!

Thanks for reading!