Kaleidos Makeup - Futurism V Electro Turquoise

I don't think any of you are surprised I have this palette! I have been playing with a lot palettes from Kaleidos recently and of course I needed to try this palette as blue and orange is my favourite complimentary colour pairing. This palette has been affectionately named the 'Heinz baked beans' palette by Skye the Cloud on Youtube and now I can't unsee it!

This palette retails for £17.35, which is such a steal! To be fair, all of the Kaleidos palettes are very affordable for the quality you get.


Wired is a deep, rich pecan-brown matte.

Digiteal is a medium-dark teal matte.

Tron is a sparkly light teal with flecks of silver shimmer running throughout it, which can lean gold and sometimes even teal in certain lighting.

Voltaic is a bright orange matte which almost leans neon.

Forcefield is a light turquoise matte.

Shockwave is a pale sparkly silver.



I started this look by applying Voltaic in the crease, on the outer third of my lid and along the lower lash line. I deepened the crease using a tiny bit of Wired and then used a thin liner brush to create a winged liner along my upper lash line. I then placed some glitter glue all over my lid and inner corner and packed the shade Shockwave all over where I placed the glitter glue.

For this look I began by blending Forcefield in my high above crease and along my lower lash line. I then placed Digiteal on the outer third and inner third of my lid before placing some glitter glue on the centre third of my lid and packing Tron centre of the lid. on the inner corner I used Shockwave.

For this look I used Voltaic as an all over transition shade before applying Wried in the crease too deepen. I then ran a combination of the two shades along my lower lash line. I then cut my crease and then placed glitter glue where I had cut the crease. on the outer third of my lid I placed some of the shade Digiteal, before packing on the shade Tron on the centre and outer third of my lid. Then I used the shade Shockwave on the inner third of my lid and inner corner.

Formula overview

The shimmers in this palette are, no surprise, incredible. I love the Kaleidos shimmer formula, they are a textured, sparkly dream! Tron is gorgeous but I was pleasantly surprised by how versatile Shockwave was, as I was able to layer it over orange and it just transformed the shade from silver to a sparkling orange.

Unfortunately I did find that the shade Voltaic to be somewhat troublesome to blend out. Essentially, I would apply this shade and it would look fine in person but when I would go to take a picture of it, it would look as if I had not blended it at all. This tends to happen with some formulations of reds and purples (such as the red shade in the Musée Beauty Impressionism palette) and although I was able to get it to look blended after taking some extra time, this is the first shade from Kaleidos I've even struggled with.

Luckily, the formulation of all the other mattes is to the same high standard I have come to expect from Kaleidos, they're all pigmented and extremely easy to blend. They just work the way you'd want them to!

Final thoughts

Overall I'm happy I own this palette! I think the quality is there and the colour story is lovely. I'm able to stick to my neutral comfort zone and yet still be a bit more experimental. I am a bit disappointed that the shade Voltaic isn't quite on the same level as the other shades. However, I am particularly impressed by the blues in this palette, as I don't think I've ever used teals that are this easy to use. If you're the kind of person who loves teals and blues I'd recommend buying this palette!

Would you use this palette? Thanks for reading!