Kaleidos Makeup - Escape Pod

I'm sure regular readers won't be surprised that I'm reviewing yet another Kaleidos palette! I've really fallen in love with the brand in the past few months. This palette intrigued me when it first release ( which I believe was around a year ago) as I had a lot of purples and greens, which are my top two favourite eyeshadow colours. So of course, I couldn't resist!

Colour Story

I have always been really drawn to this palette, as it has a nice balance of neutrals and colours. Typically when it comes to eyeshadow, I tend to reach for more colourful and bright shades, yet I do still want it to feel somewhat wearable if I'm leaving the house. I like palettes that push me creatively and this is a great example of that.

I will say though that there are some shades in this palette that seem a bit repetitive, which I have noticed with a few other Kaledios palettes I have reviewed previously. The shades I find to be similar in this colour story are the green shimmers and orange mattes respectively. As you may be able to tell from the swatches below, Galactic Gala is ever so slightly lighter and more lime toned than Saturnalia. As for the oranges, Carnaval is a vibrant, red-toned papaya wheras Tango is a more of a neon orange. Although not entirely identical these shades are very similar enough to the point I feel this colour story could have been elevated a touch if these had been tweaked.

There is also the beige matte Lofi, which I don't really think needed to be included as it isn't necessary if you have a deeper complexion. I did use it more as a blending shade and transition shade for some of the more vibrant mattes but I could have survived without it.



For this look I started by applying Flamingo on the inner third of my crease, before applying Mardi Gras to the centre third of my crease. I then took Exoplanet on the outer third of my crease, taking it far out to create a winged our effect and placing a little on the outer third of the lid. I then applied some of that same shade along my lower lashline and adding some of the shade Mardi Gras on the inner half on my lower lashline. After placing down some glitter glue, I packed on the shade Cosmic Cabaret on the centre of my lid and Starlight Sonata on the inner third and inner corner of my eye.

To start off this look I took a combination of the shades Carnaval and Tango in my crease and along my lower lashline. I then used a little bit of the colour Terrace to deepen my crease before putting down some glitter glue all over my lid and inner corner. On my lid I placed down some of the shade Saturnalia and a combination of the same shade and Space Oasis on the inner corner.

I started by putting down some of the shade Lofi in my transition area and inner half of my lid before applying some of the shade Bossa Nova in the crease, blending it quite high. On the outer V I applied some of the shade Terrace, running that along the lower lashline too. I placed some of that same shade on the outer third of my lid, before placing some of Bossa Nova on the centre of my lid and also took that shade to blend out my lower lashline. I put down some glitter glue and a small amount of Starlight Sonata on my lid and inner corner.

For this look I began by using Flamingo on the centre and outer third of my crease, as well as packing it on the outer third of my lid, creating a winged out shape. For the inner portion of my crease I used the shade Carnival, blending it into Flamingo to create a nice gradient. Then I ran the shade Mardi Gras along my lower lashline, before putting down some glitter glue on my lid. For the lid I mainly used the shade Amaretto and a little bit of Space Oasis layered on top for some extra sparkle. I the used that same shade on my inner corner.

For this look I began using Exoplanet in my crease and winged the shape out. I then deepened it my crease with the shade Terrace, focusing a lot of that shadow on my outer V. Following that I used a combination of those first two shade along my lower lashline. I then cut my crease and used a combination of Saturnalia and Galatic Gala on my lid and inner corner.

To start this look I began by using Soiree as my transition colour before deepening my crease using Exoplanet. I took Exoplanet along my lower lashline as well using a bit of Soiree to blend out the edges. I then placed glitter glue all over my lid and inner corner, before packing the shade Space Oasis where I had placed that glitter glue. On the outer third of my eye I used a combination of Cosmic Cabaret and Exoplanet to deepen the outer corner to add some more depth.

I started this look by using Flamingo in the crease, blending it quite high before also running that shade along my lower lashline. I then packed that same shade all over my lid but felt I was lacking some dimension after doing this so I took a tiny bit of Terrace to deepen crease and outer V, as well as a tiny bit of Lofi on inner half of lid to brighten that area a bit. On my inner corner I used the shade Galactic Gala.

For this look I used Carnaval as a transition shade before using some of the shade Tango in crease and also rand that along lower lashline. Then I took the shade Terrace to deepen up outer corner, keeping it quite low. Then, as always, I applied glitter glue all over lid and inner corner and packed Starlight Sonata all over where I applied glitter glue.

To start off this look I used Mardi Gras as a transition and crease shade before using some of Terrace to deepen my crease, focusing on the outer corner. I then used a combination of those two shades along the lower lashline, before placing down some glitter glue all over lid and inner corner. For the outer half of the lid I packed on some of Cosmic Cabaret, Amaretto on inner half of lid and finally some of Starlight Sonata on the inner corner.

Formula overview

These shimmers are the standard, wonderful quality that I've come to expect from Kaleidos. There is a nice 50/50 split between the more textured 'topper' shades and the more standard (but still gorgeous) sparkly shimmers. I've mentioned this before but their shimmer formula reminds me a lot of the Glam Shop Turbo Glow formula, so if you know you like a textured shimmer I'd really recommend trying some Kaleidos palettes.

As for the mattes, I did find there to be some inconsistencies. The oranges, Tango and Carnaval, did take a bit longer to blend out as they are extremely pigmented but need some extra time to ensure it's diffused nicely. I did often reach for the shade Lofi when working with the oranges for this reason (an example of me not using Lofi with the oranges is the second look).

Exoplanet didn't amaze me either, I was still definitely able to use it but it was more of a struggle, as it lacked somewhat in pigmentation. It was also a bit harder to blend but I found that using some of the shade Soiree worked really well. Even when not using Soiree, I noticed that when applied on the eye Exoplanet looked more indigo on the eyes rather than the cobalt blue you see in the pan, so just keep that in mind if you're interested in this palette purely for the blue shade. In general, I found the other shades worked very well but the more vibrant shades benefitted from a transition or blending out shade.

Final thoughts

I like this palette, I think it's a fun colour story and definitely encouraged me to be a bit more creative. I think there are some incredible shadows in this palette but there are some duds in this palette (compared to the level of quality I'm used to from the brand), particularly the oranges and blue. I have a theory that as Kaleidos has continued to create eyeshadows, their formula has improved, as the deep blue and orange in the Club Nebula palette are a lot more user friendly, so I'm sure they'll only continue to get better. I did enjoy using this palette a lot but I think it falls short when compared to the rest of the palettes in their range.

I can see myself reaching for this palette when I want a vibrant pop of colour in my life, but I think I'll reach for this more as a companion palette. This palette retails for Β£30.26 on the Kaleidos website which is a great price for a palette that will add a lot of colour and encourage creativity.