Jouer Powder Highlighter

This is a product I have had on my wish-list since I heard Youtuber NikkieTurorials rave about it. I was lucky enough to receive it as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It is a gorgeous warm gold highlighter that adds a subtle sheen to your cheekbones.

Although I find it comparable to The Balms Mary-Lou Manizer, I find Jouer Citrine to be slightly lighter and warmer (although Citrine looks darker in the pan). It is also ever so slightly smoother. Even though I don't find that Mary-Lou overly emphasise any texture, I find Citrine gives me a smoother look.

However I find that Mary-Lou wears longer on the skin, so in the future I will try to apply more of Citrine to increase the wear time.

Top: Jouer Citrine (very lightly swatched with finger)

Bottom: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (very lightly swatched with finger)

The Balms Mary-Lou Manizer weighs 8.5g retails for £16.00 in Debenhams, Jouer Citrine weighs 4.5g and retails for £19.00 on BeautyBay.

I would recommend both highlighters, although based on the price per gram and the amount of wear-time, Mary-Lou is the winner of this round.




I Love Jouer Highlighters, they're so good! Try applying it with a denser brush or finger, that's what I do and it looks amazing and last all day long! xx