JD Glow Galaxy Shadows

The JDGlow Galaxy shadows have been on my wish list for a while now and I finally decided to try them out! I'd been hearing amazing things about this range from so many people, so I felt like I had to know what the hype was about. I decided to play it safe and only purchase four shades from this range and I chose the colours I kept thinking about.


Prismatic is vibrant grass green with flecks of blue and yellow shimmer, when sheered out the base looks more yellow.

Unexpected is a bit of an enigma, the base is a medium bronze that shifts green and somewhat purple, while also having flecks of green, teal, gold and purple flecks of shimmer in it. You can mainly see the bronze and green the most but the longer you stare at it the more colours you can see. It's very hard to capture all the colours in photos which is so frustrating.

Good Gawd has a pale pink base that can look more nude in certain lighting, with flecks of blue shimmer running through it.

N-Sane is a medium lilac that has a base that leans more warm-toned and has flecks of blue shimmer.


Formula Overview

These shadows are all from the Galaxy shadow collection; yet they all feel a bit different. Prismatic and N-Sane feel more like smooth duo-chromes, whereas Good Gawd and Unexpected are more flaky and textured, although Good Gawd is not quite as flaky as Unexpected.

The most comparable formula I have tried is probably the Devinah Cosmetics shimmer formula, which I really like. The only slight con with this kind of formula is that on my hooded eyes the shadow can wear down a bit quicker in the hood of my eyelid. It's not a massive issue for me personally, as I don't wear eyeshadow for long enough for that to happen.

I did get a fair amount of fallout, even though I almost exclusively use a glitter glue with shimmer eyeshadows, so keep that in mind! I'm ok with doing my eye makeup first but I know not everyone likes doing it in that order.

Looks using the shadows

I thought I'd show how these actually perform on the eyes. For the mattes I used in these looks I mainly used the September Rose Slush palette, except for the look using Unexpected, where I used the Dose of Colors Friendcation palette

Wearing Prismatic on the lid and inner corner

Wearing Unexpected on the lid and inner corner

Wearing Good Gawd on the lid and inner corner

Wearing N-Sane on the lid and inner corner

Final Thoughts

Although there were some inconsistencies in the formula from what I've tried, all of these shadows performed really nicely on the eyes. I would consider buying more from the range as I have really enjoyed using these shadows, however I have heard some shades in the Galaxy formula are just glorified shimmers and not these beautiful, intense metallic shimmers that I've tried.

These shadows are lovely and met my expectations and then some. If you like an intense, super sparkly shimmer then these shades are some to check out!

Thanks for reading!




Oh my...they are amazing! I really love the n-sane one! 😍


Yeah they really are so beautiful! πŸ’–