House of Lashes - Lite Collection

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably have noticed that basically every time I do eyeshadow, I use false eyelashes. I have become somewhat of a falsie addict, as I love the effect they give and I was not blessed with the best lashes (they love pointing down which basically makes it look like I have no lashes at all). Therefore, I pretty much rely on falsies to define my lashes when I'm wearing other eye makeup.

I have mainly used Ardell lashes as they aren't too expensive so it allowed me to experiment with shapes and lengths to see what kinds of styles I liked but I have always been curious about House of Lashes, as they are a very popular brand when it comes to falsies.

I chose to test out their Lite Collection, as due to my hooded eyes I don't like anything that looks too heavy or makes my eyes look smaller. The Lite Collection has the same styles as their regular lashes but they're designed to be lighter and have a lower density. Also, all of the styles in this post are made from synthetic fibres so if you're vegan and cruelty free, these are safe!

Styles & Try-on

For this try-on I decided not to cut these at all, so that way you could get an idea of what they look like without tailoring them too much to fit my eyes specifically. Also for context, my eyes are slightly on the smaller side and are a bit hooded (when I take pictures of my eye it looks less hooded due to how I take the images).

Boudoir lite

Iconic lite

Demure lite

Allura lite

Natalia lite

Design & Composition

As I mentioned previously, all these lashes are synthetic which is my preference when it comes to lashes. Again, this is great if you're cruelty free and vegan. They aren't quite at the level of fluffy and soft faux-mink lashes that I'm used to but they still have lovely tapered ends that give a delicate look.

Most of these styles feel a bit bigger than what I'm used to but I still find them comfortable on the eyes. The style Boudoir is really subdued and gorgeous, these are definitely the most approachable of the ones I've tried as the length of the lashes isn't too overwhelming on smaller eyes. All of the others are more out there, so if your preference is more glam lashes, I think any of these styles would suit you.

The lash bands on these lashes are firmer than most falsies I've tried previously, they feel sturdy yet are still flexible and easy to bend into shape. Allura had the thickest lash band and Iconic is the thinnest of the ones I've tired and the other three styles felt very similar to one another in terms of the lash band. Due to the stronger lash band, I have the feeling these lashes will last longer than they more affordable ones I've tried before.

Final Thoughts

If you couldn't already tell, I'm really happy with these lashes! They are more dramatic than I normally go for but they're all comfortable yet sturdy and give a lovely effect on the eyes. I think all of these suited me pretty well, however I'm not as in love with the style Demure as I feel like the lash length is it bit too long to suit my smaller eyes. All the other ones are really nice and I'm excited to wear these more in the future.

Thanks for reading!