Holiday Makeup Release Round-Up 2019

Pretty much every year since I became obsessed with being up to date with makeup releases, I have loved the holiday season for that reason. Now is the time that brands release whole collections, value packs/sets and generally try to get us to spend as much as possible on things we don't need but that we just have to have. I have to say though, this year, I'm pretty disappointed. Nothing has really caught my eye this year. That being said, I'm sure brands will release things after I've posted this and I may go back on that but it's pretty much mid-November now so I doubt anything amazing will be released.

Hourglass released a palette (like they do every year) of their best selling powders and it looks ok but the packaging is so underwhelming, I can't imagine spending so much money on a luxury item that looks like cheap plastic. I really want to try their formulas but I won't be buying this palette thats for sure. I do like the idea of their scattered light eyeshadow trio as I want to try them as I've heard great things but I won't be picking it up because it's just too expensive for me to be able to justify it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is just releasing too much and I can't keep up so I'll keep it brief. Last thing I was interested in was the Jackie Aina palette. Everything else after just stressed me out. I don't mind the look of their brow sets but I've struggled finding my shade in their brow products so I won't be picking anything up from ABH.

MAC 's holiday collection this year is just a bit underwhelming. Usually there's at least one product that I like the look of but this year it's just meh.

Urban Decay chose to centre almost everything around their Naked Honey release from earlier this year. I'm just not really that into it, it's not an inspiring colour scheme to me. Their Party Favors palette seems alright but I wouldn't spend my money on it. I will probably pick up the setting spray duo though, it's a great deal!

Stila have released some more glitter and glow sets, but I feel like I own more than enough of them so I'll just skip it. Everything else they have released just hasn't piqued my interest.

Benefit always releases sets of their products which is a nice way to be introduced to the brand so I won't bash them for that. I really like their brow products so I would pick up a set fro them, however, they never have sets in my shade (I'm a shade 2.5).

Too Faced goes all in every year when it comes to holiday releases, however I have heard from many people that their quality isn't the same as in their standard products so I don't really want to risk it. Their packaging is always very cute and well thought out though I will give them that. I have to say though I am confused why they would release a palette so similar to last years Gingerbread palette.

Melt cosmetics released their Amor Eterno collection and it made my heart skip a beat. It's so beautiful! While I won't be picking it up as I wouldn't use most of the shades and I'm concerned about their eyeshadow mould issues (this is no shade to the Melt, if you haven't heard anything about it google it! Melt dealt with it really well). I love the inspiration of Dia de Los Muertos and the packaging of the two eyeshadow palettes in particular. All round a cohesive and stunning collection.

Fenty has gone with a much smaller holiday release this year which I think is smart seeing as the last two years they've struggled to sell everything. The thing most people are interested in is the lip gloss set, which contains 5 mini lipglosses of which there is only one shade thats available in a full size. I'm sure we'll see the other shades become full sizes next year but it's a smart way to test out the waters to see which shades people like the most. I won't be picking it up though as I don't think I'd wear some of the shades.

NARS sets and palettes are always gorgeous and usually good quality too. I like the look of their blush trios and the mini blush and lip balm sets, but I'm very content with the blush palette I picked up from them earlier this year so I know I don't need any more blush.

Smashbox released some amazing looking primer waters that are based the four elements. The scents described really intrigued me but it doesn't look like they're coming to the UK or anywhere else in Europe. I guess this means I'll be saving money then.

Sigma usually release some brush sets every year and they're good quality and vegan so I am tempted to pick one up because they're good deals and I really love their quality.

Those were some of my thoughts on this years holiday releases! It's a hectic time in the beauty community but this is one of the first years in a while I haven't been tempted by 15 things at once. So if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things, don't feel bad. Thanks for reading and happy holiday shopping!