Hair Waver

So a couple of months ago when I last got my hair done, my hairdresser used a hair waver on my hair and I was immediately obsessed with the result. I had always wanted my hair to look like how he styled it, so when I got home I googled how much this particular hair waver (the GHD Wave Wand) cost. It usually retails for £129, although it tends to be on offer for about £100 from time to time. Now, I love using heat tools on my hair, but I couldn't ever justify that kind of price as a student. I had the GHD Wave Wand on my wishlist since January, in the hopes it would one day magically be 50% off or something. Then a few weeks ago, I saw a hair tool that looked kind of similar, the Babyliss Big Wave Wand. Not only did it look similar, it retailed for about £40.

I started scouring the internet for reviews online, hoping it would be just as good for a fraction of the price of the GHD wand. I found one review by Nadine Baggot on Youtube, where she compared the two wands I've mentioned. (Her video will be linked down below if you want to watch it!) She said in her review that the Babyliss wand worked pretty similarly to the one from GHD, except it was both longer and lighter. This was music to my ears; as you may or may not know, I have reasonably long hair so I like it when heat tools are slightly longer. I also liked the fact that she said it was lighter because I have a lot of hair and trying to heat style hair while your arms get tired is not fun. I pulled the trigger and bought it, as I managed to find it for an even better price, £19.99! For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying it out to see if it's a tool worth investing in.

Before I start my review, here is a background on my hair type and preferences. My hair is relatively long, thick and I have a lot of it. It is slightly bleached, as I like getting highlights in my hair, overall though it's pretty resilient. It can hold a curl in my hair for quite a long time and I typically only heat style my hair once after washing and it lasts pretty well until I wash it again. What I usually do is curl my hair using a 25 mm barrel and let my curl drop until its a soft wave. I am pretty low maintenance considering I like curling my hair so much.

Before styling

When styling my hair using the Babyliss Wave Wand, I set it to either 180°C or 195°C alternated the direction of curls to get a more natural looking wave effect. I've yet to try curling in the same direction as I'm not sure how that would end up looking like. This wand does come with a heat protecting glove, I don't always use it as I'm pretty used to heat styling my hair but that being said I have burned my fingers in the past.

About 30 minutes after styling


I really like the result this wand gives. As I said before, when I use my 25mm regular curling wand, at first my hair looks a bit too ringlet-ty, like it just turned 16 and is wondering whether her dad got her a BMW or a Mercedes. Its fine after a couple of hours when it has some time to drop slightly but at first I don't love it. This Babyliss Wave Wand gives more of a beachy- cool girl- red carpet feel, once your done styling you can hairspray it in place and you're done.

The wand heats up really fast too, it only takes about 10-15 seconds and then you're ready to go. It has 4 different heat settings which I feel like gives a nice amount of versatility. I've only used the middle two settings so I can't say if theres a massive difference in how the heat settings affect the waves. It's a pretty basic design with the buttons but then again it makes it very easy to use and understand. Also, I love the fact this has a swivel cord on it too. I can't remember if the GHD has that too but I love having a swivel cord on this one as it makes it more user friendly.


I found that with the waves this wave wand creates, hairspray is a MUST. I can usually not worry too much about hairspraying my hair or not, with the obvious exception of if it's really humid outside. Trust me, you need to load up on the hairspray when using this. Or prep your hair beforehand to hold a curl, it's up to you. Even when I do hairspray, the waves don't last the way my 25mm curling iron does. I can get a good 3 days wear out of the curls before its basically gone, whereas with my 25mm I can get twice that. I don't think it has anything to do with the quality of the Babyliss Wave Wand, as the same thing happened when my hairdresser used the GHD Wave Wand on my hair.

Overall I'm really happy with this purchase! I definitely want to try using this tool in different ways and experimenting. I think if you're prepared to prep and lock your hair in place when using the waver you'd enjoy it. As for the price, it's a steal! If you're unsure about investing in the GHD I think this is a great alternative.

Also sorry for posting so late, I've had some tech issues the last few days (you may be able to tell by the quality of the photos) it'll have to do for now but please bear with me. Thanks for reading!

Nadine's video: