Glossier Lip Gloss

In recent years I have become a lip gloss addict, it is by far my favourite kind of lip product. However, I do expect a lot of from my lip products. I thought I'd brand out and diversify my lip gloss collection with a couple of glosses other people swear by. I picked up two glosses from Glossier a while ago, in the shades Red and Clear.

Just to preface my review; I have mentioned a couple of times, I have horrendously dry and sensitive lips, so I have to be super careful with products I use. I cannot stand plumping, minty or 'cooling' lip products; my lips just leave the chat. I'm left with irritated, flaky, cracked and sometimes bleeding lips. It doesn't look cute and it's painful. I'm still unsure of what ingredients I'm sensitive, or possibly even allergic, to (other than SLS). Hopefully those of you reading this don't have the same problem as I do, but either way just keep in mind that I have ridiculously high standards and what may work for you might not work for me and vice versa. Personally I am looking for something comfortable, moisturising and bonus points if it looks amazing on the lips.

I believe Glossier have 3 different shades, I only picked up two of them in the shades Clear and Red.

Clear has a slight pink sheen to it which I'm sure gives a tiny hint of colour on the lips but too be honest the name is accurate to the effect it gives on the lips. I can see a tiny, tiny amount of shimmer flecks but they're so small and they're a so few of them that it doesn't look shimmery on the lips at all, you have to really look for them to see them.

Red is a sheer red, The names aren't the most creative I know. I love how this looks on the lips, it gives a lovely hint of colour yet it doesn't look too sheer where you'd think it was just pink.

These glosses retail for Β£11 each, which I think is pretty reasonable. One interesting thing I noticed was that they contain different amounts of product. The shade Clear contains 4.2 ml, however the other shades only contain 3.5 ml. Maybe it's just the weight of certain ingredients but I'm unsure.


As you can see from the lips swatch images, I did try these on a day where I had some dry, irritated patches on my lips. I thought about waiting a couple days to let them heal a bit more but I just decided to show how these lip glosses work on slightly irritated lips because thats just my reality most of the time (unfortunately).

Before and after applying Glossier Lip Gloss in the shade Clear

Before and after applying Glossier Lip Gloss in the shade Red

Formula overview

I'd describe this formula as having a gel texture, it has a kind of tacky feeling but it doesn't look sticky or stringy whatsoever. I found both of the glosses to be comfortable on the lips but I wouldn't go as far to describe as moisturising. I get that most people aren't really that bothered about that but I personally love when lip products moisturise my lips too, I love and 2-in-1 lip product.

While I didn't find them to be too irritating or drying, the formula didn't exactly wow me either. I think if you're looking for an overall good lip gloss you'd enjoy them, especially if you don't have dry lips like me.

Final Thoughts

After wearing these a few times I think they're pretty good. I love their high shine finish and I like how moisturising and glossy these look on the lips. However, I will probably only reach for these on days where I feel like my lips are in relatively good condition. I was hoping they'd work the same way the Fenty Gloss Bombs work on me (check out my review on those if you're interested!) but I'm not sure I'll reach for them for the same reasons. Instead I'll probably use them the way they're intended to be used, in that they're simply a gloss and not a balm. For that reason I think I'll get more use out of the shade Red as it's got more pigment to it. If you like the sound and look of these glosses, check them out.

Thanks for reading!