Glamlite - Ice Cream Dream Palette

For the past 2 years or so I have heard many people rave about how amazing the Glamlite formula is and I was always curious about it. However, I was slightly put off by the insane and somewhat bulky packaging, so I wasn't really drawn to their products until this palette released. I received this as a Christmas gift from my lovely sister and I was so excited to try it out and I've spent the past month playing with it and I have some thoughts to share!

First off, this palette comes in the most insane outer packaging. It's so cute but again, insane. Glamlite tend to go all out with their packaging (I'd recommend checking out their website if you're unfamiliar with the brand). I'm going to keep this ice cream truck outer packaging and hopefully I can display it somewhere!

This was the first palette I was aware of from Glamlite that had more standardised packaging. The front has a really cute raised, 3D ice cream sprinkle design which is a really cute detail. It's still pretty sleek so it doesn't impact how you could store it.

Shades & Colour Story

The main reason I was drawn to this palette was the lighter, almost pastel shades in the bottom 3 rows. I found it a bit weird there were so many neutral shades but then I remembered ice cream cones exist. However I do find it a bit strange they chose to include 5 quite similar brown shimmers. Although there is some slight variation, I don't think they were all necessary, I would wanted to keep 2-3 shades and had the depth in tone be a bit more varied. I also found the shade Strawberry and Rainbow Sherbet are also very similar too, I would I have loved if Rainbow Sherbet had been more red-toned.

There seems to be an absence of deepening shades, I would have liked a deeper purple matte, a deeper green matte and a deeper blue matte to add more depth to the looks you can create with this palette. I found I reached for Chocolate a lot more than I thought I would because there aren't really any other shades that can add depth.


I swatched these in columns from left to right on bare skin in natural lighting.


For the first look I created I used Mint Chocolate as my transition shade and Cookie Monster to deepen. I then used a combination of the two shades on my lower lashline. I tried put down some glitter glue on my lid and inner corner before packing Cotton Candy lid and on the inner corner I used French Vanilla.

I started with Pumpkin in the crease and along the lower lash line before deepening with the shade Butter Pecan. On the lid I used Pecan Praline and for my inner corner I used French Vanilla.

As for this look I used Mochi as my transition shade and Bubblegum in my crease. After that I used Raspberry to deepen the crease even further, before placing some glitter glue on my lid and inner corner. On my lid I used Strawberry and in my inner corner I used French Vanilla.

For this look I used Mango on the inner part of my crease and on the outer half I used the shade Pistachio. I then deepened the outer half of my crease using the shade Green Tea to deepen. On top of some glitter glue I used Lemon on the inner half of my lid and Birthday Cake on the outer half of my lid. Again my inner corner colour is French Vanilla.

I started with Raspberry in my transition area before adding Black Cherry in my crease and on the inner and outer third of my lid. Then I took the shade Chocolate to further deepen where I had already placed Black Cherry. I used some concealer on the centre of my lid before placing Salted Caramel on top. On my inner corner I used French Vanilla.

I started this look by using Honey Lavender as a transition and crease shade. I then took some of the shade Chocolate to deepen it further, which took a bit of time blending. I then packed on Gelato on the outer half of my lid and Blueberry Cheesecake on the inner half of the lid. I then took combined French Vanilla and Blueberry Cheescake as my inner corner highlight.

For this look I started with the shade Orange Cream as transition before taking Red Velvet in the outer crease, outer lid and lower lashline. I then cut my crease using a white concealer, before packing on Rainbow Sherbet on my outer lid and Lemon on inner lid. On the centre of my lid I sort of mixed the shades together and I also used a little of the shade Strawberry. For the inner corner I used French Vanilla.

I wanted to see how neutral I could take this palette. I started with Peanut Butter in my crease before deepening it with Chocolate. On the lid I used Strawberry Cheesecake with a little bit of Cookie Dough and French Vanilla on the inner corner.

For this look I used Raspberry as a general crease and transition shade and also ran that along my lower lash line. I then took some of the shade Chocolate to deepen the crease as well as a little bit along my lower lash line. I then took some glitter glue all over my lid and inner corner before applying Taro all over the lid. For the inner corner I layered French Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake.

formula overview

After using this palette for this last month, I can see why they Glamlite formula gets so many rave reviews. This matte formula is incredibly blendable, it did not take long at all to to get a very nice blend every time I've used it and I could very easily combine shades like Raspberry and Chocolate without too much trouble. The mattes remind me a bit of the Emme Cosmetics formula, as when they swatch they're a little bit flakey and they feel quite powdery yet not dry (if that makes any sense). I do quite like formulas like this as I've found that that means they're very easy to work with.

The shimmer formulas in this palette varied a little bit, but in general they're all quite metallic. For context, I like super metallic and sparkly shimmers so I have very high standards when it comes to shimmers and for an eyeshadow palette, these are pretty intense. I tend to be a bit disappointed with shimmers in palettes nowadays when they don't perform like my favourite indie brand shimmers. There is some fallout to them though but I don't mind that too much but just thought I'd share that. I tend to almost always use glitter glue whenever I use shimmers and this did help a bit with fallout. French Vanilla was by far the most flakey but in general the other shades applied very smoothly.

Final thoughts

I really have enjoyed playing with this palette! The formula is incredible, all the shadows worked wonderfully for me and I can see myself reaching for this palette a lot. I definitely understand why the Glamlite formula is so highly rated!

The con of this palette for me is definitely the colour story, I think this could have been edited just a bit and skipped some of the repetitive shades and replaced them with some deeper colourful mattes. Although I like the fact that you can take this palette in a more neutral direction, you can only get like 2 more neutral looks from this palette yet there are so many neutral shades there just isn't a lot of variation.

If you like the colour story then I would definitely check out this palette! I'm definitely considering buying more products from the brand in the future.

Thanks for reading!