Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream (COLOR DRIP LIP CREAM)

Completely out of the blue around a week ago, Fenty announced that they were releasing cream versions of their cult favourite Gloss Bombs. If you've ever read any of my previous posts you'll know I absolutely love the original Gloss Bombs, so I knew I had to try the cream version. I ordered them from Boots right when they launched and I've been testing them out this past week.


I decided to pick up two shades, Fruit Snackz and Honey Waffles. I did also like the look of Cookie Jar and Fenty Glow but I received hints from my boyfriend that maybe I shouldn't order them. So maybe there will be more reviews in the future, so stay tuned. The only shade I personally didn't love the look of was Mauve Wives, I think because there seems to be a white base to it and I just felt like it would wash me out a bit. However, now after seeing more pictures of them all and also because I am the queen of indecisiveness, I might actually want to own that one too.

Fruit Snackz is a berry red. It's the kind of shade I imagine Snow White to wear if that makes any sense. I'll most likely reach for this to layer on top of a berry lipstick.

Honey Waffles is definitely more of a wearable gloss. It's a warm orange with some brick-red and brown undertones on me. I feel like I'm going to reach for it a lot as it's such an interesting shade and I don't have anything like this in my collection.

Lip Swatches

Left to right: Bare lips, Honey Waffles at full opacity

Left to right: Bare lips, Fruit Snackz at full opacity

formula overview

First off I have to say that these are PIGMENTED. Honestly I was a bit shocked when I first applied them to my lips. I think I was expecting a more sheer coverage as the original formula is pretty sheer, however this formula did not come to play. As there is a lot more pigmentation I wouldn't apply these with reckless abandon, I think you'd need a mirror to apply these confidently. Again, I'm so used to the original formula and just being able to apply that to my lips without thinking, I wouldn't do that with these.

The day I did a wear test with Fruit Snackz, it wore off pretty nicely and I was left with a stained lip effect and it was actually a really nice colour. I will say with this shade in particular as it is pretty deep in tone I'd recommend using a lip liner. I personally don't own or use lip liners as my lips are so insanely sensitive. However I can see the merit in using one with this shade in particular. Again as it is so pigmented it can look a touch patchy, which isn't the fault of the formula, it's more due to the colour. So, if you have a berry toned lipstick it might be good to wear underneath this gloss. To suit my preferences, I've found applying a little bit and sheering it out works for me. I'm going to be wearing this a lot during this festive time but I'm already excited to use it next autumn.

I found Honey Waffles to work in a similar way, as in if you layer this it can a bit get patchy. While it's not as obvious as Fruit Snackz, again you'd most likely struggle to apply this gloss without a mirror. This wore off a touch more evenly, most likely because it's not as deep of a colour as Fruit Snackz.

The overall feel of these glosses is similar to the other formula, like a very hydrating lip balm feel and they are not at all sticky. The scent is also different, these still smells like sweets but this time I can't place exactly what the scent reminds me of. It is really nice though!

final thoughts

If you've been curious about the formula of these, I'd recommend picking one up! They are lovely and comfortable on the lips. I hope to expand my collection of this formula soon! I would say though that it is important to keep in mind that these are quite pigmented, so I would advise you to be careful when applying these on their own and if you can maybe use a lip liner or lipstick underneath. Personally, I think I'll mainly be wearing these sheered out as I don't want to be worried about these moving around. I really like these!

Will you be buying any of these? Thanks for reading!