Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs

A couple of months ago I reviewed the Fenty Gloss Bomb in the shade Fu$$y, you can see from the picture above that I have definitely enjoyed using the shade. I think I've used around 3/4 of it in the past 5 months as I adore the formula and shade.

I was curious about the other shades in the range so I decided to get a a set containing the shades Fenty Glow and Sweet Mouth. I picked up this set from Boots, one gloss usually retails for £17 and this duo retails for £27. I thought seeing as I love the formula so much I may as well buy the duo.

Top to bottom: Fenty Glow, Sweet Mouth, Fu$$y

I really adore the Gloss Bomb formula, I have perpetually dry lips and struggle to find lip products that both look and feel good. When my lips are going through a rough patch I can actually use this like a hydrating lip balm, that's how hydrating it is. They all have a pleasant scent of strawberry laces too which just adds to the user experience for me.

Left: Bare lips Right: Wearing Sweet Mouth

Sweet Mouth is a pale, shimmery pink which leans on the peachy side. It is not particularly opaque but did make my lips a touch lighter. While I don't tend to enjoy lip products that make my lips look lighter, this isn't too much lighter than my natural lip colour and it looks very flattering on me.

Left: Bare lips Right: Wearing Fenty Glow

I would describe Fenty Glow as a warm tea rose, with some small flecks of pink and gold shimmer. I can see why this was the first shade in this range, this shade will look incredible on everyone. I think this is my favourite shade out of the ones I have, it's so beautiful!

Left: Bare lips Right: Wearing Fu$$y

I have previously reviewed the shade Fu$$y, I thought it would be good to see the comparison of the different colours, This shade is definitely a "my-lips-but-better" for me.

Overall I am really happy to have 2 more shades in this formula. While they are slightly sticky (like any other gloss) they are hydrating and add a sheer colour with high shine that enhances your lips. If you haven't tried theses glosses before, I highly recommend giving them a go. I love this formula so much I would consider trying other colours in the future!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



Åh klart du köpt duon jag tänkte köpa 😍 Köpte Fu$$y efter din review, och är så kär i formulan, ska be Oliwer köpa duon på måndag 🤤
Yaay! Det är ett måste, så himla bekväma och fina 😍