Eyeshadow Brushes for Hooded Eyes

So some of my more regular readers may remember a post from a couple of months ago where I had a picture comparison of how my eyeshadow skills evolved. For some reason its one of my most viewed posts which is so embarrassing. One of the main reasons why the first picture was so bad was because I had like 2 eyeshadow brushes at the time (obviously practice has helped too) and over the years I have collected a fair amount of eye brushes so that I could actually blend my eyeshadow properly.

One 'problem' I have come across when buying brushes is knowing their size. For reference, my eyes are slightly smaller than average and are hooded; I do have visible lid space when staring straight forward but its tiny haha. So when buying brushes, I tend to prefer more precise brush heads but I do some bigger eye brushes which I will get into later. Anyway I digress, here is an overview of my favourite and most used eye brushes in my collection.

Blending & crease brushes

These two brushes are like a pointed dome shape; the Sigma e45 is a good brush for sketching out the shape of my crease as its quite pointed but still will be able to blend the shadow ever so slightly.

The Zoeva 221 is slightly fluffier than the Sigma e45 so it blends out the product less precisely but still is more precise than your standard crease brush. It gives you control over placement but you can buff and blend more freely.

These two brushes are amazing for blending out shadows. The Sigma e42 is more densely packed so it gives more of a controlled blend, I really like this brush for blending deeper shades in my crease. The Sigma e33 has less densely packed bristles so it is good for blending out the edges of shadows without picking up too much product, so the colour concentration isn't compromised.

These brushes are always the ones I reach for every time I want to wear eyeshadow. They're classic transition and crease brushes with a flatter and wider side depending on how you angle the brush and can even be used to pack colour on the lids. (I would recommend only doing that with matte shadows though, the fluffiness of these brushes can pick up too much of the shimmer particles in non-matte shades which takes away the shimmery-ness of your favourite shades.) These are great all rounder brushes so they're some of the ones I always recommend to people who are getting into eyeshadow for the first time. There are not many differences between these brushes other than that the Sigma e27 is smaller than the Sigma e25, the pros and cons of this is that the e27 will give you ever so slightly more precision but the e25 is more versatile as it is better adapted to blend out larger areas.

The Sigma e38 is a brush that I constantly reach for. this is my go to 'big blending out harsh edges' brush i.e. I use this to diffuse out the edges of my shadow. Its very similar to the Sigma e40 but is slightly smaller and therefor suits my hooded eyes better.

The Zoeva 224 has a similar function for me, although it has less densely packed bristles so it doesn't blend out as far as the Sigma e38.

Lid Brushes

I use the Morphe M421 and Real Techniques pointed liner brush for cream/liquid products as they're great for precision placement so things like cut creases.

I typically uses my ring finger to apply shimmers or more glittery shades on my lid as I find it works better for me but occasionally when I want more precision I use the Zoeva 237 brush

Smudge brushes

These two brushes are a great combo for creating a smudged out lower lash shadow. The Smashbox Smudger brush has a precise tip which allows for a lot of precision when blending out shadows on the lower lash line. The Real Techniques smudge brush is larger and more fluffy giving a more blown out look than the Smashbox Precise Smudger brush.

Liner & detail brushes

One of the most annoying things about having hooded eyes is how difficult doing winged eyeliner is. These two brushes are very useful when trying to create a sharp wing. The Zoeva 317 brush is the sharpest angle brush I own and it the one I always reach for.

The Pro Art Masterstroke miniature brush range are amazing touch-up brushes for liner (and also for concealing!) due to their small size, so they are very versatile.

Thanks for reading!