Everyday Red Lipsticks

I have always found red lipstick to be the height of classy, elegant beauty. It makes me think of old Hollywood glamour, which I utterly obsessed with. Literally any time an opportunity presents itself (hardly ever) I go all in with a red lipstick, as it just evokes a sense of inner strength and power. But realistically, do I wear bold red lips on an everyday basis? Unfortunately, no.

As someone who doesn't really put a lot of effort into what they're wearing everyday, it's difficult to combine a casual outfit with red lipstick. I like to present myself in a way that I find cohesive, (which is subjective of course so if you disagree that's fine, makeup has no rules!) so that means I mainly use neutral tones everyday.

However, I have found a way to incorporate red lipstick into my everyday makeup routine. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the sheer red lipstick. It's perfect for those times when you want to go for it but are worried about going too far or looking like you're making too much of a statement (things like presentations, job interviews, first dates).

Here are my 3 favourite sheer reds for those days I want to stand out, but not too much at the same time.

Lanc么me Juicy Shaker in the shade Mangoes Wild

The first lipstick in this list is arguably the most pink one so bare with me. The Lanc么me Juicy Shaker in the shade Mangoes Wild is a stunning pinky-red and feels like a mix of a lip oil and gloss and is super comfortable on the lips. It does look more pink on the lips but I have included it in the red category as technically it is a sheer red. Now ever since these came out I was drawn to them as they look like little cocktail shakers and I LIVE for it. Such a smart way to encourage users to shake the formula before using the product and I really enjoy shaking it too as it has a really satisfying sound.

I really enjoy wearing this as it doesn't dry out my lips and leaves a barely there stain as it wears off (which means you get to shake the lipstick and apply again, such pure joy). Its very glossy looking and doesn't cling to any dry patches which is a bonus, especially in the winter. I love it so much I even bought one for my sister, so I definitely recommend this! On the Lanc么me website this retails for 拢20.

Urban Decay Lipstick in 100 Degrees

One of my all-time favourite lipstick formulas is the Urban Decay Sheer range, you really can't go wrong with it. This shade was limited edition, so I'm not sure if it's still available but a good dupe for 100 Degrees is Est茅e Lauder lipstick in Rebellious Rose (although this lipstick isn't a sheer formula). I originally bought this because a friend of mine showed me it and I'm so glad I did! This is one of my favourite summer colours.

Anyway, this shade is a bright coral (it looks slightly more muted in the in picture, although corals don't always photograph that well). I like this lipstick for those days I want something bright put not too over-the-top. If you are worried about your teeth looking slightly yellow, then maybe avoid this shade. I typically use this very lightly for a stained effect to make it even more wearable. This lipstick retails for 拢17.50.

Mac lipstick in the shade See Sheer

I bought this lipstick at the start of this year after Samantha Ravndahl recommended it. See Sheer is the lipstick that I reach for the most frequently out of the three in this list, it's a sheer warm red that is a nice step in between the previous two colours in this list.

This formula lasts very nicely on the lips, even though it is sheer it still have excellent lasting power. Although be aware that it can cling to dry patches, so if your lips are particularly dry then put a lip balm on first! I do really enjoy the Lustre formula from Mac and I do own another shade but I am planning to expand my collection of this range. In the UK these retail for 拢17.50.