Emme Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadows

In the past few months I have become obsessed with AmyLovesMakeup's Youtube channel. She reviews a lot of indie makeup and in a couple of her videos she raved about the Emme Cosmetics matte eyeshadow formula, I generally like her recommendations, so I decided to try out some shades.

Emme Cosmetics is a Canadian indie brand that have a range of different products, however I believe their most popular products are their eyeshadows. I decided to play it very safe and only purchase 4 shadows from their range. I decided to buy some colours I could use as transition and crease shades as I wanted some different tones in my single eyeshadow collection. Their matte eyeshadows retail for Β£4.59 (or 8 CAD) which is a pretty reasonable price for an indie brand.


Cupcake Frosting is a matte pale cool lavender. On the Emme Cosmetics website it's described as a mauve but to me it leans more lilac (so just bear that in mind if you're after a mauve). I'm fine that this turned out to be more lavender than I had expected, as I have been wanting a shade like this for several years. On the eyes it does perform a bit more neutral than it looks in the pan, but it still looks purple.

On The Nude is a warm nude brown. In the pan it looks more pink-toned than expected so I was kind of confused when it was being described as a nude. Even when swatched it looks more pink. However, when I use it on my eyes it looks more neutral-warm, which is more like I had expected this shadow to perform.

Maracuja Mousse is a golden yellow, I'm so excited to own a shade like this! I have been really into swampy greens and yellows like this go so well with those kinds of colours. This shade is performs on the eyes the way it looks in the pan.

Olivia is a light, warm olive green and I'm happy that I now own a true olive green shadow. I liked using this together with Maracuja Mousse and to be honest I think this might be my favourite shade I picked up from Emme Cosmetics, I've been reaching for this shade a lot.

Formula overview

So far I like the formula, in general they feel quite powdery and whilst they are pigmented, they're not overly pigmented to the point where it's hard to blend. There is a fair amount of kick-up in the pan when using a brush, personally I don't mind that but I know some people hate it.

All of the shades blended out reasonably well on the eye without blending away the richness of the colour, I would say overall they're quite easy to use.

So far I feel like I wouldn't rank this at the very top of the matte formulas I've tried but they perform really nicely and I can see myself reaching for them. These shades didn't wear any different than any other mattes i have tired preciously.

I'm really pleased with this purchase! I enjoy using these shadows and I could see myself buying more shades in the future if I want to add more mattes to my collection. I think I'd try some deeper tones as this time I only picked more basic, lighter shades. If you're looking to add some more affordable shadows to your singles collection, definitely check them out.

Thanks for reading!