Emme Cosmetics Haul

Around a year ago I placed my first order with Emme Cosmetics and I was pretty pleased with the shadows I purchased from them. I noticed that throughout this past year, I tended to reach for them quite often when using my single eyeshadows especially when I had the choice between two similar shades from different brands, I'd reach for my Emme Cosmetics singles. This signalled to me that I clearly really enjoy this formula a lot more than I first thought and of course, I needed more shadows from them! I decided to purchase 9 more of their matte eyeshadows to add to my singles collection.


Elysian is a medium cool toned violet

Lilly is a medium orchid purple

Lilac is a deep, warm plum shade.

Periwinkle is a a medium periwinkle shade. It really sits in the indigo colour family, as when placed with purples it looks blue and vice versa.

Bondi is a medium deep teal blue

Pond Water is a deep teal

Sunflower is a bright, sunny yellow.

Camo is a deep olive tone that really lives up to its name.

Palm Tree is a medium fern green.


Formula overview

I won't go into too much detail as I've already reviewed this formula previously, however I would describe this formula as feeling somewhat dimethicone-y (if that makes any sense) as they feel very smooth both in the pan and on the skin. I think this makes it easier to blend as these shades sort of 'glide' on the the skin. They are so smooth that when you swatch them they're almost flakey. They're all decently pigmented, they kind of fall right at the centre of being buildable and pigmented, so they're extremely easy to use.

Elysian and Periwinkle felt the most powdery and I did have to build them up an extra later to achieve a higher opacity. This in no way means they're worse quality than the other shades, just that they don't swatch quite as well as the others I have tried from the brand.

Final thoughts

I'm very excited to have more Emme mattes in my collection! I have loved using mattes shadows from Emme so to have more colours, particularly some more deeper tones, makes me really happy.

Thanks for reading!