Easy, No-Heat Waves

Throughout the years I have been pretty consistent in heat styling my hair around once a week. Although I've tried to not be so dependent on heat tools, I was never happy with the results. During lockdown I thought that I may as well try a couple different heatless techniques to decrease the amount of heat I use on my hair, This isn't necessarily a tutorial, as I have realised this is quite technique is very similar to what other people have already done.

With my hair about 80% dry I section it off down the centre into two parts and do a dutch braid on either side. I don't feel the need to make this look good at this stage so I'm not worried about how neat and even my braids are. I try to leave about an inch on the ends just so that the ends don't have a weird kink to them.

I then just go about my day as usual, I try to leave my hair like this for around 10 hours as I find the longer I leave it the longer the waves last. I then gently take out my braids and shake them a bit too loosen them ever so slightly. If any pieces look weird, or if it looks too obvious I've just slept with braided hair, I use my wave wand to tidy it up a bit. Usually I don't feel like I have to do that though as I tend to be quite happy with the results.

This is my hair after! I have to say that even once these waves start to drop I still like the way my hair looks so this has been a game-changer for me. I realise this technique isn't exactly rocket science but if you've never tried this, go for it!

Thanks for reading!

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