Devinah Star Chasers Collection & Black Friday Haul

So... I didn't expect to buy anything from Devinah this Black Friday but then they released the Star Chasers collection. For this Black Friday, Devinah had 20% off their standard shadows and 50% off their new Star Chasers collection, so I decided to pick up the new collection as well as some of the standard shadows I had on my wish list.

Devinah's Black Friday sale did feel a bit like the Hunger Games, mainly because their wish list function stopped working so I had to search all the shadows individually. The result of this was that as I was checking out I kept getting kicked out as so many of the products in my cart were selling out. Not surprisingly their latest release, their Star Chaser collection sold out within the first few minutes, so I ended up buying the preorder for the collection which shipped mid January. Overall it was absolute chaos and I did miss out on quite a few shades I wanted to purchase but I still managed to pick up a fair amount!


In total I purchased 14 shadows, 6 of them being the new Star Chasers collection. The rest of the shadows are from a couple of different collections, including; 2 shades from their Sugar Drops collection, 2 shades from the Xploders collection, 1 from the Candy Cakes collection and 3 miscellaneous shades.


Formula Overview

I've previously reviewed the Devinah formula so I won't go into too much detail on the other shadows I purchased but I'll share my thoughts on the Star Chaser Collection.

Most of the Star Chasers have a similar formula to the Candy Cakes and possibly even the Galaxy Dust formula, with the exception of the shade Aquila. In the photos of the swatches you can kind of tell that Aquila has a much deeper base than the other shades, which is reminiscent of multichromes that have a blackened base to them. It's till very sparkly like the rest of the collection, however Aquila has more depth to it.


Not surprisingly, I love the shadows I picked up! I really enjoy Devinah shadows and I'm happy I was able to purchase a fair amount of shades on a good discount.

I did find the shopping experience on their website quite stressful and although I was mentally prepared for it, it still was quite frustrating to constantly be kicked out of the line at checkout because things keep selling out. I really hope Devinah make it a bit easier to check out next Black Friday.

Thanks for reading!