Devinah Cosmetics Haul

I have been really enjoying using the shadows I bought from Devinah a couple of months ago, so I was eager to buy more from their range. I ordered during their last restock as I wanted to pick up some shades from a collection I missed out on last time I ordered and thought I'd share some swatches too.

When I last ordered from Devinah I was also curious to see what their Sugar Drops formula was like, but at the time they were all out of stock. I ended up picking three shades from that range this time.

Taffy Bomb shifts from periwinkle-purple to pink.

Sugies shifts from a fresh green to pink. This shadow was the most flakey and almost chunky out of the ones I ordered.

Gumbles shifts from pale gold to green and at some angles even hint a bit blue.

In my previous haul from Devinah, the shade Asteria blew me away so much that I HAD to pick up two more shades from their Galaxy Dust shadows; so I boughtMessier and Celesta.

Messier has a warm, mid-toned purple base with a periwinkle-sky blue shift. This shade reminds me of Clionadh Abrasion.

Celesta has a warm gold base with a green-gold to almost blue-grey shift in certain lighting. This shade also reminds me of a Clionadh shade, this shade is similar to Corrosion. (I have plans to do some comparison swatches of similar shades in my collection in the future.)

Saudade is a deep warm, muted army green. This shade is a lot deeper and more neutral than shown in the product images on the Devinah website so just keep that in mind depending on what kind of colour you're after. This shade is the only matte I purchased, as I don't own many deep green mattes.


All swatches are on bare skin and taken in different lighting.

I think it's safe to say I'm officially a Devinah fangirl now! As you may be able to guess already, I do have a list of some more shades I want to purchase from them in the future, I have my eye on the Xploder collection in particular. If you'd like to read about Devinah shadows, I have another post on my blog.

Thanks for reading!