Devinah Cosmetics Eyeshadows

I've been interested in trying out Devinah Cosmetics eyeshadows for a while now, it's one of those indie brands that creates really interesting shades. I decided to pick up 10 shades from Devinah to kind of get an overall feel for the brand. I can already say that just after having them for about a week I already am compiling a list of other shades I want to buy from them.


I liked the look of the Candy Cakes collection but ultimately decided to just buy the two shades that I thought I would get the most use out of so I just picked up Pancake Bubbles and Mystic Moonpie. I have to say that this purchase was worth it purely for the names (particularly Pancake Bubbles) as the names just make me laugh for some reason. The shadows themselves are lovely too, Pancake Bubbles is a pale yellow gold with a blue shift, at certain angles it can look a little bit pink too. Mystic Moonpie is a deep taupe with a warm purple base and a touch of blue sparkle.

Erratic is a gorgeous metallic taupe (with a hint of rose gold) to it and has a strong silver sheen to it. It feels really smooth, you may be able to see in the swatches but this shade looks like liquid metal, it is stunning!

Thalassic was another shade that I fell for quite quickly. There is one shade in the ABH x Jackie Aina called Sponsored and Thalassic gave me me a similar vibe, I have really gotten into neutral shades with duochrome green shift to them. Even better though is that Thalassic is a multichrome and it has a blue purple shift to it, which you'll be able to see in the swatches below. I think this might be my favourite shade I picked up.

The colour I knew I needed was Asteria, I have not seen another eyeshadow quite like it. It's a multichrome that shifts from green-brown to orange-red. When I wore it on my eyes it looked purple when in low artificial light. t's such a unique shade, I'm not sure how to describe it fully but one thing is for sure, this is an insane eyeshadow.

Gellicide is a pink with s gold shift. It was a shade that I wasn't completely sure if I needed but for some reason I kept on going back and adding it to my cart. I don't think it's a shade I'll sure as frequently as the others I've picked up but in a weird way I think this colour will get me out of my comfort zone.


I wanted to try their matte formula as I had heard some good things about it, however I was a bit scared to order more mattes as I had heard that they can be a bit delicate so I was worried they'd break on the way to me. I didn't have any problems though.

I knew that I wanted to pick up Courtney as it's one of those legendary shades thats unique at least for singe shadows. I have wanting to dupe the vibes of the Melt Gemini palette and this colour is amazing. I've seen it described as a pea soup colour and that is honestly a perfect description.

Kalon and Crixus look way more similar than I thought they'd be. There is a slight difference in undertone and depth but from looking at them in the pan and in the swatches, they do look a bit too similar for me to say that you need both.

Meraki is far more purple toned than I was expecting. When researching it was described as a mauve or looked more mauve than it does in real life. I'm definitely not disappointed, it's a gorgeous colour. When swatched, it does look a little like Amethyst from the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette, although it leans more mauve compared to Amethyst.


Overall I'm really happy with the shades I picked up and I'm excited to start using them frequently. I've already used a couple of the shimmers and one of the mattes but I want to get a better feel for how these shadows perform. So far I've really enjoyed having them in my collection and I already have another Devinah singles wishlist.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!