Colourpop x RawBeautyKristi

I hadn't planned on posting this review now but I felt I had to get this up before this collection restocks on the 11th of December. I know this was a really popular collection and wanted to get some different looks up to give you all an idea of what it's like before the restock!

This was my first ever purchase from Colourpop and I feel like I'm one of the last people to try the brand. I am really happy I waited until their collaboration with RawBeautyKristi released. I have been a fan of hers for a couple of years now and if you don't know who she is, you're missing out! Anyway, I am very pleased that I waited until this release because I am utterly obsessed with the inspiration behind this collection, the colours and the presentation.

The colour story in this palette is what I'd describe as a grungy-rainbow. I love tones like this, it's such a fun twist and yet makes perfect sense with the inspiration behind the collection, (that being Washington state with a nod to the grunge scene). I love wearing what I'd describe as wearable colourful eyeshadow looks, i.e. colours that aren't at a maximum saturation but still pack a punch.

SuperShock shadow in Like a Moss

SuperShock shadow in Mycelium

Eyeliner in the shade Marigold

I picked up two of the SuperShock shadows in Like a Moss and Mycelium. Like a Moss is a light neutral brown with a slight green-gold shift. Mycelium is a pale neutral pink champagne colour that has a lot of flecks of silver sparkles. The liner I purchased from the collection was in the shade Marigold, which is a medium bright yellow that leans slightly on the orange side.



For my first look I used Puffball in my crease and Fiddlehead to deepen my crease as well as on the outer corner and lower lashline. I packed Evergreen on my lid and added some of Like a Moss (Supershock shadow) on top.

For this look I used Old Growth as transition, Amanita in crease and lid. Then just to deepen the outer corner I took a tiny bit of Let it Rain and placed it there. Then to add some shimmer I took the SuperShock shadow in Mycellium on the lid and inner corner.

I think this might be my favourite look! Here I used Ranier in my crease and a combination of Fiddlehead and Emerald City on my lower lashline. To connect these two colours I used Homegrown, which I used to wing out the look ever so lightly. On the lid I used a combination of Evergreen and the Supershock in Like A Moss. I then used a combination of a random green eyeliner and the liner in Marigold to create the right shade of green in my waterline.

Contrasting this, this was probably my least favourite look. Here I used Fiddlehead on the inner portion of my crease before taking PNW on the outer half of my crease. To blend the two together a bit I used Emerald City. I then repeated the same steps on my lower lashline. Then, I packed West Coast on my lid. In my waterline, I used the liner in Marigold on the inner half before taking a green eyeliner on the outer third and blending them together to create a gradient effect.

Here I used Chantarelle in my crease before using a bit of Rainer to deepen the crease. I then took the same shade on my lower lashline and on my inner and outer lid to start creating a halo eye. Then I took Homegrown to deepen up that same shape before placing West Coast on the centre of the lid, on my inner corner and a tiny bit on the centre of my lower lashline. Finally I used some of the Marigold liner on my waterline.

To create this blue look I used PNW in my crease and spent a bit blending it out before taking that same shade on the lower lashline. I then deepened the crease slightly using Let it Rain. On the lid I used a combination of Evergreen and the Supershock shadow in Like a Moss, I also used these two as an inner corner highlight.

For this look I used Chanterelle on the inner half of my crease and Amanita on the outer half of my crease. These two shades blended pretty well on their own but I took a tiny bit of Rainier just to ensure it was blended sufficiently. I then repeated the same steps on my lower lashline. I took some concealer and cut my crease and then gently places some of West Coast where I had applied the concealer.

Formula overview

So I can't exactly compare this to other products from the brand but these are my thoughts as someone who is a newbie to these formulas.

The quality of the eyeshadow palette is pretty good overall and all the shades were pretty easy to work with. The two shimmers in this palette are decent and I have no complaints about them but at the same time I wasn't wowed. That's probably more of a reflection on that I have a lot of exceptional, textured and sparkly eyeshadows in my collection already so I think I'm a bit spoilt. I wasn't blown away, but that being said there are some really nice SuperShock shadows in this collection instead.

The mattes are also pretty good, There was quite a bit of kick up in the pan when I dipped my brush, personally that doesn't really bother me all that much but I just thought I'd mention it just in case. The blue, PNW, was a bit harder to blend out on its own but I think most people would probably use another shade to blend colours like that out so it's not really a reflection on the formula. I have other matte formulas I prefer but I would definitely purchase mattes from Colourpop in the future.

The eyeliner is really nice and I found it wore reasonably on me. It's a nice smooth formula and it didn't tug on my eye. I'd definitely consider buying more eyeliners from the brand in the future.

The formula I was most excited to try were the SuperShock shadows. I've always wanted to know how they'd feel and perform on the eye. After trying them, I really understand the hype. They have something between a gel and putty-like texture and they pick up a lot easier on the finger or if you dig in to the product a bit to scoop out some of the product. Both of the Supershocks I have wore really nicely and added a bit of oomph to my eye looks. I really enjoy using them. I have heard they dry out so I intend to use them as much as I can before that happens.

Final thoughts

I'm very pleased I purchased this collection. It's an amazing concept and I am really happy with all the products I tried. If you're on the fence about purchasing something from the collection, from what IƤ've tried I think it's really good.

If you're not sure what to purchase from this collection, if you like the colour story of the palette I'd go for it! It's not expensive and I think you get good quality for your money. If you don't really like the colours in the palette I'd highly recommend the SuperShock shadow in Mycelium. This is such pretty and dimensional product that captures the light so beautifully and would pair really nicely with lots of looks.

Do you plan on purchasing anything from this collection? Thanks for reading!