Colourpop Pastel Eyeliners

These eyeliners have been on my Colourpop wish list for quite some time and I've been excited to start using them. Colourpop do have a set of their pastel shades but when I placed my order some of the colours were out of stock, luckily I was still able to pick up the colours I was most drawn to.

Before purchasing these I didn't own many eyeliners so my collection has increased by quite a lot.


Exit is a matte, bright white.

Ice Breaker is a pale, cool green with a matte finish.

Big Splash is a matte, light blue.

Amethyst Hour is a matte light pink with purple undertones.


How the look on the eye

I haven't seen all that many images of how these liners look on the waterline, so I thought I'd share some images of how they look! Left to right, top to bottom, the shades are: Exit, Ice Breaker, Big Splash and Amethyst.

formula overveiw

Ice Breaker swatches true to colour on the skin, however on my waterline it didn't show up vibrantly at all. I'm guessing this is due to that the colours cancel each other out so it ends up looking like a light neutral with a slight green undertone rather than a pastel green.

I noticed that if I tried to layer one singular colour to achieve a higher level of opacity, the liner would sometimes become patchy. It seems as though you can only get to a certain point with these liners before they reject what you want to do. I noticed this most with the shade Big Splash. However layering different shades on top of one another worked really well. I like layering eyeliners to get more colour options and these liners work well for that purpose, as I can easily layer these liners with one another as well as other liners in my collection.

I didn't notice any major fading, that being said I didn't wear these for longer than maybe 7 hours, so I can't speak on whether or not they'd last all day.

I did hear from someone that the Colourpop eyeliner formula dries out really quickly, so I am going to try and use them as much a possible this year.

Final thoughts

So these liners are a bit of a mixed bag for me. They're ok but not amazing. I can see myself reaching for them regularly as I do enjoy wearing liner on my waterline to add a little something to my eye looks. However, I don't think I'll be expanding my collection from this range because of what I've heard about the formula not lasting longer than a year, as well as the fact they do get a bit patchy if you build them up. I think they're decent but not outstanding.

I wouldn't wear Amethyst Hour by itself due to the nature of the colour rather than issues with the formula. I was expecting this shade to be a lot more purple but it's pretty much a straight up pink. On the eye it didn't look quite as flattering on it's own. I think the name led me to believe it would look a lot more purple on than pink, which is slightly frustrating. I also was a bit disappointed by Ice Breaker as it isn't pigmented enough to cancel out the pink tone of my waterline so comes off like a neutral tone.

Hope this review is helpful and thanks for reading!