Clionadh Stained Glass Collection Part 2 (Multichromes)

I thought I would show how I would wear these shades in my everyday life and show off how amazing these look on the eyes. However, please know that multichromes are very hard to photograph and these pictures won't show the full spectrum of colours they all contain and that they do look different depending on lighting situations so I won't be able to fully show how magical these shadows actually are. I took all of these pictures using natural lighting (in front of my window) so some colours did not pick up properly on camera. If you're curious to see the colour shifts, have a look at the swatches I did in part 1.

Glitter Multichromes

Clionadh Cosmetics: Chandelier

This picture really doesn't do this shadow justice. Chandelier shifts from a light buttery gold- pale green- light pink and has a clear base thats almost transparent on the skin from certain angles. Although this is a from the glitter formula it feels smooth and more like a shimmer rather than glitter. This is what I would consider an everyday multichrome.

This shadow retails for C$16 which is a bit more than the other glitter formula shadows in the collection but I would pay twice that amount for a colour as amazing as this. Also I am so happy I have two of these now!

Clionadh Cosmetics: Abrasion on the lid and Glow in the inner corner

Abrasion is one of the first shades I put on my list of shadows I wanted to order. This shade is a beautiful warm terracotta-violet base (like a grape colour?) with glitters that shift from baby blue-purple. It applies best over a glitter glue or adhesive, I use the Too Faced Glitter Glue (for a cheaper alternative I have heard great things about NYX's glitter glue) directly underneath this shadow. This shade does have some fallout but if you're concerned about that then start with your eyeshadow before doing your base. This is such an amazing and interesting shades and I am so happy I bought it! Abrasion retails for C$10.

Clionadh Cosmetics: Grisaille on the lid and Glow in the inner corner

Girsaille is another shade that went straight on my list of shadows I wanted to order from Clionadh. Grisaille has a terracotta-brown base with glitter that shifts from blue-purple-pink. Although somehow it has hints of green too and I have stared at this shadow for so long and not been able to figure out how it's green, my theory is that it's the combination of the warm brown base and cool toned glitter. This shadow is very similar to Urban Decay Solstice but it's so much better.

Top: Urban Decay Solstice, Bottom: Clionadh Costmetics Grisaille

Clionadh Cosmetics: Corrosion on the lid a little bit of Chandelier on the inner corner

I saw a picture of Gigi Hadid wearing a green-gold eyeshadow, so I bought a green-gold eyeshadow. If you didn't get that reference, you can't sit with us.

Anyway, I did actually see a picture of Gigi Hadid wearing a shadow (that I believe was from Pat McGrath?) that was a lime green- gold duochrome and I thought it was so pretty that I wanted to try it out on myself. Luckily Clionadh has Corrosion which was exactly what I was going for so I didn't feel the need to purchase a whole palette for one special shade. Corrosion has an antique gold base with glitter that shifts from lime green-pale blue. It was almost impossible to capture the shift on camera. For me this is a very wearable shade and I can imagine it would compliment all eye colours beautifully. This shade retails for C$10.

Iridescent Multichrome

This was so frustrating to photograph because this shade has a transparent base with a blue-pink-purple shift (the blue glitter is most prominent) but in this photo it just looks like a silver glitter. It looks way more beautiful in real life! (Below is a swatch on my finger that more accurately shows how this looks in real life) This shadow works well on top of other shadows as it adds a lot of dimension to the eye so I will most likely use this shadow that way, or as a very blinding inner corner highlight.

The formula of this shadow is a lot like the glitter formula but I have heard that other shadows in the iridescent formula are less flakey and glittery as Glow, so just be aware of that. I used a glitter glue with all of these shadows but this one is definitely the one that needs it most! I wouldn't recommend using this without a glitter primer underneath it. This shadow retails for C$10.50.

Jewelled Multichromes

Clionadh Cosmetics: Oculus

I have wanted a multichrome in these colours in particular for about a year now and wow. I picked a good formula. This shadow shifts from green-teal-blue-violet- deep pink and it's honestly everything I could ever have dreamed of. This is in the jewelled formula so it retails for C$25.00 so it's one of the most expensive ones but I would honestly have paid more for it. But please don't raise the price Clionadh. This shadow has a black base to it and shouldn't be blended out as all you'll end up seeing is the black base and the full glory of this shadow will disappear. I will probably mostly use this as an eyeliner (it does look gorgeous all over the lid too) for everyday purposes to add some fun into days that are boring.

Clionadh Cosmetics: Kiln

This picture is so bad because it was taken as it was starting to get dark (which is so early here so I don't have a lot of time to work with unfortunately) and it was the one that showed off the colour shift the best. Kiln shifts from a deep orange-magenta-red-purple and just like Oculus it retails for C$25.00. It also has a blackened base so it shouldn't be blended. I have mixed a bit of Inglot's Duraline before when using it as an eyeliner and that seems to make the application of it as eyeliner easier. This shadow also looks great all over the lid too!

So in conclusion, I love these eyeshadows and Clionadh as a brand. I will definitely be purchasing more once I have some money to burn! The quality is impeccable and these colours are all unique and breathtaking. There is a huge range of colours to choose from so you'll most likely to be able to find some that you love. I have also seen on Clionadh's social media that they are sneak-peeking new shades so there are more amazing colours coming! I 100% recommend this brand.

Also, I believe they will be having a sale between Christmas and New Year so if you want to save some money I would check out their website during that time. I don't know whether or not they will be restocking during that time too (a lot of popular shades are sold out) but even then you may be able to try some multichromes at an even better price.

Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!

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